How to Clean Light Fixtures by House Cleaning San Diego

home cleaning light fixtures San Diego

Admit it, light fixtures are part of the House Cleaning routine that you want to delay frequently as long as possible. But once you manage to clean it, it makes a lot of difference. The room seems to have a new life. It will not only brighten your room but it will help to get most of the life span of your bulb. So you should finally consider it in your House Cleaning to-do list.

Our best House Cleaning San Diego team researched for some ways on how to safely and carefully clean your light fixtures whether they’re chandeliers, domes, pendants, and even recessed lighting.

Regular Cleaning

Well, as we all know, light fixtures are prone to dust and dirt. But you don’t have to worry because you can just add this to your weekly House Cleaning tasks. Dusting it weekly will be enough to keep your fixtures from getting buried with dirt and dust. You can purchase an extendable duster to clean your fixtures and ceiling fans. Not only that it can help you be safe because you don’t need to go up to the ladder to clean it but it can also trap dust and dirt instead of knocking it down onto your floors. That would be another House Cleaning job if ever.

However, if you don’t have an extendable duster you can just use a step ladder and a microfiber cloth to the end of your broomstick with a rubber band.

Also, remember that you should never dust or clean your fixtures while your lights are on. You will risk burning your cleaning tools and even worse, burning yourself. Turn the lights off and wait for an hour or so for the light bulbs to cool before doing House Cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

The next House Cleaning tip from our House Cleaning San Diego team is that removing the glass would be the easiest way to clean fixtures with glass covers like glass pendant lights or dome lights. While you remove the screws and clamps, hold it in place by supporting the glass firmly with your hands. When you’ve safely removed it from the fixture, dump any dirt or dead bugs out in the trash and fill the bucket in your sink with warm soapy water. Soak the glass in the water for some minutes. For this method, a warm water bath is recommended by our House Cleaning San Diego team because it will be the gentlest on your glass. It might be tempting to wash the glass in the dishwasher but there is a possibility that it will break so you better not do it.

While you are soaking the glass, look at your light bulbs because it might need your attention. Having dirty films on your bulb can cause it to not light as it’s usual light. Use a damp cloth and gently wipe any residue from your bulbs and allow some time for it to dry completely. Place the bulbs back into their fixtures after.