How to Eliminate Unknown Stains by House Cleaning San Diego

house cleaning services that help removes unknown stains

House Cleaning San Diego has looked up the efficient means to remove unknown stains on your fabric. 

Step 1 

Using a dry House Cleaning product, scrub the discoloration until you eliminate it. Allow the item to air dry before continuing if you are unsuccessful.  

You would think you would commence by blotting with water, which is the typical first House Cleaning step for extracting stains of unknown origin, but this is not the case. You begin with a dry House Cleaning solvent to tackle most oil-based spots and set it with water. 

It is not advisable to set water-based stains with a dry House Cleaning solvent, so you will not end up harming the fabric further by trying this House Cleaning step first.  

Step 2 

Rub the blot with a House Cleaning waterless hand soap. Then, leave it for roughly fifteen minutes before thoroughly flushing it.  

Waterless hand cleaners help House Cleaning workers extract grease and oil from their hands without water. 

Step 3  

Soak the stained object in cool (not warm or hot) water for at least half an hour to eliminate stains of an unknown source.  

Why is it not advisable to apply warm or hot water? You do not know what the stain is yet, so we can only say it’s a protein-based stain.  

If you add heat to a protein-based stain, the stain will set into the fabric. Thus, soaking in cold water counters this.  

Step 4 

Using a solution of a tablespoon white vinegar, a tablespoon laundry detergent, and a cup of cool water, blot the unknown stain.  

Slightly acidic remedies, such as vinegar, combined with a detergent, may eliminate several stains.  

Step 5 

Using a solution of tablespoon ammonia, a tablespoon laundry detergent, and a cup of cool water, blot the unknown stain.  

Until treating with the ammonia and detergent solution, thoroughly rinse out the vinegar and detergent House Cleaning solution. It is because vinegar is an acid, whereas ammonia is a base.  

Before applying the ammonia and detergent House Cleaning solution onto the spot, test it in an inconspicuous region of the fabric to ensure it is suitable for your material.  

Step 6 

Using rubbing alcohol, wipe the stain until successful removal. If unsuccessful, wait for the alcohol to evaporate and the fabric to air dry before continuing. 

Step 7 

Soak the discolored fabric for about thirty minutes in an enzyme-based laundry detergent solution before loading it into the washing machine. 

Step 8 

Rewash the piece using the hottest water. As a result, the fabric will allow stain extraction and either chlorine bleach or color bleach if the material allows it.  

If none of the above methods for removing stains of unknown origin function, evade placing the stained object in the dryer. Allow the item to air dry before taking it to a House Cleaning professional, such as a dry cleaner, to see if the blemish is removable.  

House Cleaning San Diego will provide you with more House Cleaning tips for your House Cleaning maintenance.

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