How to Get Your Home Ready for Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Divide your House Cleaning duties into manageable chunks to avoid holiday cleaning pandemonium on Memorial Day. These holiday cleaning suggestions from the House Cleaning advisors in San Diego can assist you in prioritizing tasks to obtain a cleaner house long before visitors arrive and rapidly address any problems that occur during the day.

When your visitors come, you want all common spaces to be pristine, giving them a positive first impression. First House Cleaning task: Declutter! Wipe down tables and clear shoes from the foyer. Decorative baskets may be used as storage receptacles for goods such as books and remote controls. Use a lint roller to clean the couches and chairs if you have pets.

Get the kitchen clean: You can’t have a Memorial Day celebration without food. Your houseguests will undoubtedly be in and out of your kitchen. 

A House Cleaning Tip from San Diego: Apply elbow grease to stovetops, microwaves, backsplashes, and counters to remove cooking fat. Organize the fridge by keeping holiday essentials such as soda and beers within easy reach.

It will be simpler for friends and family to enjoy Memorial Day if they do not have to live out of luggage. Clear a few drawers for them, and make room on the closet floors for their baggage. Please provide them with containers for soiled towels and washcloths, so they don’t have to uncomfortably tote around damp linens while looking for the washing room.

To avoid you from having to continuously put out clean hand towels around the home as they are used to wipe up spills and dry hands, the House Cleaning pros of San Diego suggest putting all towels away. Stock up on paper towels in bulk and place tissue rolls wherever they are handy. This way, you won’t have to wash every towel and rag in your home.

One of the last House Cleaning tasks you want to do over the holidays is clean the bathroom. Pour heavy-duty cleaner into the toilet bowl and let it do its work. After taking a shower, use an all-purpose cleaning product to wipe off the tiles. The heated vapors will release the filth, making it simpler to clean and shine in your bathroom.

Freshen up your backyard garden. Your gardening tools may have rusted in storage during the winter, so clean them well before using them. Vinegar is a great natural House Cleaning agent. It is one of the best natural cleaners available, and it also fights rust.

Prepare the grill. A Memorial Day barbeque conjures up visions of burgers and dogs. Maybe a tasty rack of ribs! If you’re using a grill, prepare it a few days ahead of time. This House Cleaning technique gives you plenty of time to resolve any concerns.

If you hire someone for a one-time House Cleaning, schedule it soon. It’s impossible to put off other House Cleaning to-dos such as laundry and dishes. Keeping track of these things will allow you to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend without stress.


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