How to Remove Crayons from Walls by House Cleaning San Diego

maid service removes crayons from walls

Are you tired of seeing your walls covered in crayon markings left by your little Picasso? Don’t fret! This guide provides effective tips on how to remove crayons from walls quickly and easily. We’ll cover various methods, from using common household items to specialized products, to help you restore your walls to their former glory. We’ll also share preventative measures to avoid future crayon mishaps. Say goodbye to scrubbing for hours or resorting to repainting your walls. With our techniques, you’ll have those crayon markings removed in no time. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver, this guide will be your go-to resource for keeping your walls pristine and crayon-free. Let’s get started on the journey to clean walls and a stress-free environment.

Have you been wondering how you can tackle the crayon marks on your walls during your house cleaning maintenance? House Cleaning San Diego has looked up several efficient ways and cleaning products to remove crayon marks from your walls.  

Blow-dryer and Dish Soap 

Using a blow dryer and conventional dishwashing soap to eliminate crayons from walls is one of the most efficient House Cleaning techniques. All you have to do now is turn on the blow dryer and blow on the crayon marks. The wax would begin to melt as a result of the hot air from a blow dryer

After that, soak a cleaning cloth or a paper towel in liquid dish soap and wash the crayon marks away.  

Are You Planning to Use Mayonnaise?  

Using mayonnaise is an effortless way to eliminate crayon scuffs from coated walls. Apply mayonnaise onto the crayon marks and rub it in. Allow it to sit for a few minutes. Wipe the crayon marks from the walls using a wet microfiber cloth. 

Use Pencil Erasers 

Your pencil erasers are also house cleaning tools.

You have to take your pencil eraser and try rubbing the crayon scuffs away.  

Apply Baking Soda

Has your child scribbled any new wall graffiti?  

To eliminate the crayon scuffs on your walls, you have to dampen a cloth and sprinkle baking soda over it. To get rid of crayon stains, rub this product on your stained area.  

Are You Going to Use Vinegar?  

white vinegar for home cleaning chores, natural householding detergent, affordable product for housekeeping. rubber glove and kitchen sponge next to sprayer bottle

You can do away with crayon marks on your walls by scouring the blemish using your House Cleaning toothbrush coated in white vinegar and then rinsing them with clean water.  

The acidity of vinegar helps get rid of the wax and pigment substances of the crayon blemishes. The kind of chemical reaction that ensues, if it works on your floor, will save a lot of scouring effort.

Are You Using Toothpaste?  

Scour your wall using a microfiber cloth or a brush with non-gel toothpaste, gently working in circular motions to effectively lift off the crayon marks. The abrasiveness of the toothpaste aids in breaking down the waxy residue, ensuring thorough cleaning. Wash your wall with water right after, using a clean sponge or cloth to remove any residual toothpaste and crayon remnants, leaving your wall pristine and free from unwanted markings.

House Cleaning Erasers  

House Cleaning erasers, in reality, work wonders on both coated and non-painted surfaces. These versatile cleaning tools effectively eliminate stubborn stains and grime, making them a reliable choice for various surfaces in your home. On highly textured walls, you will need to exert a little more effort, but it will work. The unique composition of House Cleaning erasers allows them to navigate intricate textures, ensuring a thorough cleaning without causing damage to the surface.

When using these erasers, you have to remind yourself to prevent using them on some textures, such as gleaming or shiny surfaces, wood-paneled walls, and satin or dark finishes. 

To ensure that you will not harm your walls’ coating, test the House Cleaning product in a concealed spot first. If you use your cleaning erasers on a glossy finish, be cautious not to take off the shiny layer. Instead, for gleaming surfaces, select one of the cleaning options mentioned above. 

House Cleaning San Diego desires to provide you with more house cleaning tips and techniques you can use when tackling your cleaning chores. Stay tuned for more House Cleaning information!






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