How to Wash Bathroom Rugs by House Cleaning San Diego

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Your bathroom rugs are prone to absorbing hair, dust, and grime. They may also become an oasis for the disgusting growth of mildew and other microbes. It is crucial to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your objects at home. Thus, you have to work on your House Cleaning Responsibilities as frequently as possible.  

House Cleaning San Diego has looked up some House Cleaning Tricks that you can pull up your sleeves when washing your bathroom mats.  

Read the Care Tag 

For you to avoid damaging your bathroom rugs, you have to make sure to read and follow the directions stated in your rug’s care label. Your bathroom rug may be machine-washable, but you have to check if it has extra House Cleaning washing directions. Do not miss any crucial instructions to save your mats from wearing out.  

Give Your Rugs a Little Shake 

Before loading your rugs into your laundry, you have to shake off the dust and other particles first. You may also run your vacuum cleaner over your mats to suck the dust particles.  

Machine-washing Your Rugs 

Eliminate the microbes or mildew from your bathroom rugs by selecting high heat to clean them. Maintain the sticky, slip-resistant surface feature of your bathroom floorcloths by adjusting the machine to a gentle cycle. Next, sanitize them using the House Cleaningcombination of borax and oxygenated bleach. You may also use a natural House Cleaning agent, white vinegar, to eliminate mildew and mold growth.  

Do rugs have any unwanted odor? Get rid of the terrible smell by pouring several drops of tea tree oil to make your bathroom smell fresh and clean.

Drying Process 

It takes no sweat to dry your bathroom mats. You may hang-dry your bathroom rugs by hanging them over your drying rack or clothesline outside your home. Remember not to leave your floorcloths under the sun as they may cause discoloration. Discoloration might give you additional House Cleaning tasks. Lastly, you have to wait for your mats to dry before placing them back in your bathroom to serve their purpose. Air drying your rugs will help maintain their adhesives and rubber backing.  

You may also machine-dry them by sticking to a low tumble dry set at a cooler temperature to prevent them from shrinking. Afterward, take your bathroom mats out after twenty minutes.  

How Often Should You Wash Your Bathroom Rugs? 

If you want to ensure that your bathroom rugs are clean, you need to do a weekly cleaning of your mats. However, monthly cleaning may be enough. Learn how to clean and disinfect your bathroom rugs without damaging them.  

How Should You Treat Your Rugs?  

Your bath rugs can effortlessly grow mold and mildew due to exposure to water. Practice hanging your bathroom rugs over your towel rack for them to have the opportunity to dry.  

House Cleaning San Diego has more House Cleaning tips and hacks in store for you. Stay updated for more House Cleaning tricks!

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