Kitchen Germs Elimination Guide

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The kitchen is unquestionably the germiest place in our home, or at the very least, the room most receptive to germ development. Bacteria are more prevalent in areas such as the kitchen sink and kitchen stuff like your cutting board. 

The House Cleaning authorities in San Diego advise that you can determine the frequency with which you throw our kitchen things by how effectively you maintain them rather than how long you use them. House Cleaning is the most crucial aspect of this House Cleaning maintenance issue. 

That may seem self-evident, but House Cleaning is a delicate operation.

The House Cleaning specialists of San Diego have looked up the ins and outs of cleaning everything in your kitchen. 

Preventing the Spread of Infection in the Kitchen 

Bacteria can effortlessly spread around the kitchen. Thus, washing your hands and kitchen surfaces before and after preparing meals is a critical House Cleaning practice. Bacteria can easily travel from one exterior to another if you are not careful. The germs can cause foodborne illnesses if they get into food. 

Sponges and Towels

These kitchen aids can provide a warm, moist environment with a large surface area, but they are challenging to clean and sanitize. A plastic-type scrub is a great House Cleaning option, as it tends to be bacteria-resistant. If you want to use sponges and towels, make sure to wash them in scalding water once a week. 

The House Cleaning experts of San Diego recommend microwaving sponges for thirty seconds before putting them in the dishwasher to eliminate ninety-nine percent of bacteria.  

Using paper towels in the kitchen is one of the safest means to minimize cross-contamination, House Cleaning San Diego advises.

Counters and Tools

Before you start preparing food, make sure to clean all utensils and countertops with hot, soapy water both before and after usage. Wash them with a diluted bleach House Cleaning solution of one teaspoon bleach to a quart of hot water for disinfection purposes. If you clean your countertops using antibacterial wipes, dump them after one usage. 

Kitchen Sinks

Using a diluted bleach House Cleaning solution of one teaspoon bleach to one quart of hot water, sanitize your drain, sink, and waste disposal as often as feasible. 

Empty a cup of hot water into the drain before sleeping. Leave the drain to absorb the heat from the water for a minute. Afterward, pour a cup of undiluted chlorine bleach to soak for at least twenty-four hours every or twice a week. Use this House Cleaning means to aid in the sanitization of the drain and odor reduction.

Utensils for Cooking 

The House Cleaning pros of San Diego advise that if you use tongs or a fork to place raw poultry on the grill, you should wash them right away if you want to serve the dinner with the same utensils. 

Hand-wash your utensils in hot, soapy water with a sanitizing solution to disinfect them. Before putting them away in the cabinet, make sure they are dry. 

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