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learn how to wash towels by house cleaning los angeles

Washing a towel must be difficult. The combination of impure water and friction may quickly degrade a cloth. Not to mention the fact that towels come in contact with body oil and filth too. To keep towels feeling their best, they require a little House Cleaning with TLC now and then.

Well, you are in luck! We got the House Cleaning experts in San Diego exposed to assist you. We’ve put together some pointers to help you wash your towels and retain their glory.

House Cleaning Tips on Washing Towels

1. Use warm water. Warmer water absorbs detergent better, leaving less accumulation on your towels. You may also wait a minute or two before adding towels to the machine to allow the detergent to dissolve. Start the wash cycle, add soap, then wait a minute or two before adding your towels.

2. Reduce detergent. Because soapy residue builds up on towels, they become rigid. Your machine’s rinse cycle will have an easier time rinsing away those final pesky pieces of soap if you use a little less detergent than recommended.

3. Ditch the fabric softener. Even if you’re sold on the term “softener,” these chemicals aren’t good for your towels. They may temporarily soften your luxury hand towels, but they eventually build up a layer of chemicals on top of the fibers. This reduces the absorbency of your premium hand towel significantly. You may use fabric softeners on other House Cleaning tasks instead.

4. Try Baking Soda. Half a cup of this natural substance added to ordinary washing can make a significant impact according to the House Cleaning experts from San Diego. Baking soda softens the fibers and makes it easier to remove stains. It also aids in the removal of musty smells from towels. As a result, your towels will retain their softness for a more extended period.

5. Use distilled white vinegar. Towels can sometimes develop a mildewy odor. To resolve this House Cleaning issue, allow towels to run through a whole wash cycle in the washing machine without detergent or bleach to freshen them. Instead, before starting the wash cycle, pour one cup of distilled white vinegar into the machine. Allow towels to air dry or place them in the dryer after the cycle is done. Vinegar has always been effective in House Cleaning.

House Cleaning Tips on Drying Towels

1. Wring out excess water before drying. After the towels have been cleaned, remove them from the washer and remove any excess water before putting them in the dryer. This tip helps keep towels soft by reducing drying time.

2. Be careful in choosing a drying cycle. You have the option of using a dryer or letting your towels air dry. To optimize fluffiness in your dryer, just select the regular or automated cycle, as over-drying can harm sensitive fabrics. When the cycle is over, take the towels and fold them right away to avoid creases.

Try these House Cleaning tips by San Diego specialists, and you might achieve hotel-like quality on your towels.


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