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In today’s article from House Cleaning San Diego pros, let me walk you through how microfiber cloths changed my life and how they became my best friend in House Cleaning.

It was not so long ago when I discovered microfiber cloths or towels as one of the best cleaning tools. Unlike other cleaning cloths made of cotton or nylon, their incredibly small fibers make it easier to lock in crumbs of dirt, dust, and water. Also, its absorbent properties work like magic on your kitchen countertops, furniture, mirrors, bathtubs, and all other surfaces at home.

To make House Cleaning even more effective using these microfiber cloths, take these few House Cleaning San Diego guidelines:

1. Use different microfiber cloths to different surfaces to prevent germs and bacteria from transferring.
We cannot see them with our naked eyes but yes, these micro and harmful bacteria can spread from one surface to another if we use just one Microfiber cloth in cleaning them up.

The next time you hit the grocery stores, House Cleaning experts highly suggest that you buy more microfiber cloths not only because of its convenience but when they are handled with care; you can actually save money since it has a longer life cycle than those cleaning cloths that are made up of cotton or nylon.

2. Now here comes your main concern: How to lengthen the life of microfiber cloths? The answer is Water.

Yes. House Cleaning experts say that water is enough to make these powerful cleaning cloths extend their lives. Whilst it is okay to use gentle laundry detergents, they still recommend washing them with just water alone. Hand washing is cool because you do not have to spend money on electricity for keeping them clean. Just soak them in cool or lukewarm water – not too hot, and then get those hands moving.
You can also use your washing machine too but take note of this advice from our House Cleaning experts: Pour an ample amount of gentle laundry detergent and never ever mix it up with cotton or nylon materials.

3. House Cleaning experts are strongly against the use of fabric conditioners and bleach as they would greatly harm the fabric. They are also very sensitive to high temperatures so be extra careful. Do not let it sit under the sun, instead, make use of air-dry at a medium level or just hang it somewhere in your house where it is shady and at the same time, windy.

House Cleaning has never been so easy with microfiber cloths and towels. With just proper care, experience the magic they give in the household. Let these magical cleaning tools be your best friend in House Cleaning from now on. 

We need to seek advice from professionals every now and then to properly maintain our prized possessions. And that is why finding the best House Cleaning San Diego team is truly a must of every household.

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