Lipstick Mark Removal Techniques

Lipstick Mark Removal Techniques

Whatever the cause of the House Cleaning dilemma, one thing is constant: you must find a means to eliminate the makeup spots from your linens.

Lipstick is often oilier than other types of makeup, so you will need to use stain-cutting goods on it. Alternatively, you may use dishwashing liquid. 

You can use any House Cleaning techniques listed below to clean your pillowcases or linens, but first, check the House Cleaning directions printed on the care tag. A spot test on an obscure small spot to ensure the House Cleaning solution will not discolor the fabric is another excellent House Cleaning option. 

Following the household cleaning instructions, the House Cleaning pros of San Diego provided for mascara removal from your linens and pillowcases.

Please keep reading for several House Cleaning essential hints on how to restore your bedding to its original state brought to you by the House Cleaning experts of San Diego.

The first step in eliminating a stain from a pillowcase is to avoid your impulse to touch the spot. Scouring the makeup stain with your finger will set it in by blending with your skin’s natural oils and converting it into a tough grease stain. Use your fingernail to dislodge any layers of lipstick.

Stain Remover or Liquid Detergent

With a blunt knife or a dull edge, delicately scrape off any excess lipstick. When using the knife, ensure to keep it pointed away from your body to avoid harming yourself.

  • Directly on the spot, apply a pre-wash stain remover or a small amount of liquid detergent. 
  • Then, spray the lipstick stain on both sides with the remover. Always follow the product’s House Cleaning instructions and double-check if it is appropriate by looking at the garment label.
  • Rinse the stain with warm water, being mindful not to rub it, as this could result in more damage. When removing lipstick from clothing, blot or dab the stain instead.
  • Once you have eliminated all the blemishes, wash the cloth as usual.

Rubbing Alcohol 

You may eliminate lipstick smudges on garments with rubbing alcohol, depending on the material.

  • Wet a cotton ball or a clean white cloth with rubbing alcohol and blot the spot to eliminate lipstick smudges from the fabric. Avoid scrubbing the area. 
  • Rinse the alcohol away with cool water once you have blotted the discoloration. As usual, wash the fabric.


You may utilize hairspray to eliminate lipstick stains if you follow these House Cleaning guidelines after testing it on a tiny area of your garment first.

  • Spray the lipstick stain with hairspray and leave it for fifteen minutes to dry the hairspray.
  • Next, in a bowl of warm water, soak a clean cloth. With the handkerchief, wipe the hairspray stain away. As usual, wash the fabric.
  • As inconvenient as lipstick-stained clothing can be, eliminating lipstick from clothing is a manageable House Cleaning process.

If the suggested House Cleaning procedures fail to eliminate lipstick off clothing, the House Cleaning crew in San Diego strongly advises you to take the garment to dry cleaning.


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