How to Make Your Guest Love Their Stay in Your Home by House Cleaning San Diego

make your guest feel at home

Do you like having guests over? Are you one of the few people who get excited and fired-up when expecting a guest? We get burnt out thinking of ways to make our guests stay fun and comfortable. House Cleaning has never been this easy with our House Cleaning San Diego Team. We made sure that we have interviewed each House Cleaning company in town and tallied the most effective ways to prepare your guest room!

Keep reading and you will find helpful tips from House Cleaning San Diego to make the guest feel at home or in a hotel.

Comfy Bed

Make sure the bed is prepped up to create a welcoming and tidy sleeping space. Vacuuming the mattress before adding the beddings not only ensures cleanliness but also promotes a hygienic sleeping environment. Additionally, selecting a bedding color that complements the room’s color scheme adds a touch of aesthetic cohesion, enhancing the overall ambiance of the bedroom. According to Professional cleaners, the simple act of fluffing your pillow on all sides is a small yet effective way to maintain its firmness and fluffiness, contributing to a more comfortable and luxurious bedtime experience.

Freshen the Room Up

Simple preparations like opening the windows a day ahead of time help to brighten the room and ventilate the space as guests arrive. Peels from citrus fruits, like lemons and oranges, add a pleasing scent and a hint of natural freshness, making the space feel welcoming. You would be surprised at how these simple yet powerful suggestions can elevate the whole atmosphere and make a lasting impression on your visitors.

Leave Space for luggage 

You may want to move out some bulky furniture that will not be needed to provide more luggage space for your guests. House Cleaning technique is to make sure that for your guests to be comfortable and relaxed make sure that there is enough space to walk on and park their luggage but if there is an en suite walk-in closet, which would not be a problem.


Empty a Closet or Drawer


Consider providing a set of fresh towels and toiletries to make your guests feel pampered and well-taken care of during their stay. A small bedside lamp and a clock can add a touch of convenience and homeliness to the room, ensuring your guests have everything they need within reach. Additionally, placing a vase with fresh flowers or a potted plant can bring a refreshing and inviting atmosphere to the space. It’s also a thoughtful gesture to leave a welcome note or a guide to nearby attractions and amenities to help your guests navigate the area easily. 

Supply Snacks and Drinks


Having snacks in their room will make them more comfortable not needing to go out to the kitchen and bother anyone in the household just to ransack the kitchen or fridge. This will also make them feel at home and House Cleaning will not be complicated since they only have to do their rooms.

Supply a Good Read


Establishing a customized and considerate atmosphere for visitors goes beyond simple conversation; by learning about their hobbies and stocking the room with books, you show that you genuinely care about their comfort. This thoughtful action promotes a friendly environment that values their independence while also acknowledging their unique preferences. A well-rounded and delightful experience for your guests is ensured by striking a balance between social interaction and respect for their private time.

Provide Some Entertainment


If you have an extra TV in the house, that’ll be perfect. There is no better relaxing than watching TV before hitting the hey. A good House Cleaning San Diego expert advice is to also provide a Wi-Fi password by putting a note in the side table. Your guest might want to share how comfortable and fun their stay is at your house. This would allow them to communicate with their family easier too.







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