Making your Fireplace Look Fancy this Season

Making your Fireplace Look Fancy this Season

According to the House Cleaning proficients in San Diego, cleaning your fancy fireplace can be a nasty process if not executed properly. Because the ashes within your fireplace are often extremely little, they can quickly go airborne, posing a health danger in your house. Proper care is required, according to House Cleaning experts in San Diego, to prevent fighting the heavy black create within the fireplace, spreading ash throughout your living area, and distributing dust and soot throughout your home.

According to the House Cleaning pros in San Diego, if you don’t have a high chimney damper on your chimney flue, there’s a danger of birds nesting in your flue. This can allow a wide range of hazardous insects and bacteria to enter your home.

Cleaning a wood-burning fireplace once a week is recommended when it is infrequent usage. Tidying should be done on a bimonthly or monthly basis for easier maintenance. House Cleaning experts in San Diego recommend cleaning gas-burning fireplaces once a year.

Maintaining a Wood-Burning Fireplace


1. Guard the area around you.

According to House Cleaning experts, cover any nearby furniture and rugs with rubbish bags or old sheets. To rid of the ashes, dust, and debris, House Cleaning experts recommend keeping a trashcan lined with two bags available.

2. Examine the flue.

Bird nests and other damage or debris, per the House Cleaning experts, must be handled leading up to cleansing.

3. Discard your andirons & shred the potatoes.

Bring them downstairs after that. Scrub it off with Easy Blue Playoff Cleanser and a moderate brush to remove any buildup or stuck-on carbon deposits. House Cleaning experts advocate scrubbing with lukewarm carefully.

4. Remove any debris from the firebox.

According to the experts at House Cleaning, this is where the fire truly starts. Collect ash and any residual wood using a fireplace shovel and dump it in the garbage pail. Vacuum the interior of the chimney and firebox with a small attachment or fireplace brush. Remove the loose dust and ash with a broom or vacuum.

5. Creosote must be removed.

The smoking of firewood in the fireplace causes creosote residues to accumulate. To avoid odorous creosote build-up, liberally spray the chimney with Simple Green as high as you can safely reach. Must use a foamy ability on an Easy Blue spray bottle to help the cleaner last longer on the surface. Don’t panic if part of an Easy Blue flows down onto the brickwork below; it will help with the next step, which House Cleaning experts advise.

6. Wipe out the fireplace.

Easy Blue should be sprayed on the interior walls of the firebox, and soot should be removed with a stiff bristles brush. Thoroughly rinse with water.

7. Wash the panels and grilles around the fireplace.

Easy Blue can be sprayed on fireplace panels and grilles. Wipe all noticeable accumulation on the panel using a medium bristles brush. Wash and let dry or use a clean towel to clean.


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