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Giving your new home a thorough House Cleaning before moving your possessions in will help you get off to a good start. While new construction can leave dust and waste in unexpected locations, buying an older home means dirt will be present in many areas. During the House Cleaning procedure, you may notice several items that require repair or replacement. House Cleaning a new home will also help anyone with allergies get off to a good start when they move in. To get the House Cleaning job done well, you need these House Cleaning tips from the House Cleaning pros of San Diego to make your home sparkle before you move there. 

Begin with a thorough House Cleaning

Sweeping the dust is a typical initial step in House Cleaning. Sweep the kitchen, dining room, and living room quickly but thoroughly. Work on your way to the bedroom and sweep all dirt and dust from all of the surfaces. Following that, mop the floor to eliminate any lingering dirt.

Wipe the Windows Down

On the glass, use window cleaner, and on the windowsills, use an all-purpose cleaner. Use a bleach cleanser to eliminate any mold or mildew that you may find in the window sills or around the window frame. You can also utilize an old toothbrush or other coarse sponge to scrape away the mold with a House Cleaning solution of one part chlorine bleach to three parts warm water. After clearing the mold, place the brush in a plastic bag and toss it away to prevent spores from spreading.

Vacuum your window coverings like roller shades or blinds to eliminate dust. To eliminate any leftover filth, sponge them with a House Cleaning mixture of liquid dishwashing detergent and water.

Prepare a House Cleaning mixture of distilled white vinegar and warm water and apply it onto the stained area to eliminate watermarks. Leave the solution to soak for about ten to fifteen minutes before blotting the marks with your House Cleaning microfiber cloth.

Toilet Cleaning and Disinfection

Using a toilet brush, scrub the toilet. Clean the toilet’s outside, back, and handles with sponges or paper towels. Disinfect everything, inside and out, with disinfectant cleaner.

Cleaning the toilet tank while moving into a new home is optional, but it can help reduce the build-up of mildew, rust, mineral, and filth that can harm the parts and cause a stink.

Cleaning the Counters 

Cleaning counters are manageable though marble and granite counters may necessitate special attention. House Cleaning between cracks using a putty knife can ensure that you remove any debris. Use baking soda and water to clean tile backsplashes.

Vacuuming the Grounds

You want to avoid any dust and filth that could potentially cause sickness. Vacuuming the floor after dusting and cleaning the floor will make a significant distinction in the appearance of your home.

The House Cleaning specialists of San Diego have more manageable and efficient cleaning hacks for you.

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