Maximize the Power of Hand Vacuum

Maximize the Power of Hand Vacuum

Size does not matter in House Cleaning tools. The bigger may not mean you’ll get better performance; sometimes, the efficiency comes to having enough knowledge when and how to use certain cleaning tools.

This goes with vacuum cleaners. You will be amazed at the power of vacuuming in House Cleaning. It can easily clean huge carpets and other areas of your home if properly used and maintained.

How to Get Better Suction Power on Your Vacuum?

You have a vacuum and want it to consistently having good suction power. Vacuums can start to loose suction power sooner than you might think, but luckily there are a couple of things you can do to prevent this and ensure it retains a high suction power.

The Following Tips are Proven and Effective Way to Power Up Your Vacuum Sunction


Tip 1: Clean the Dust Cup Well

It’s important to clean your dust cup in time, or the suction power will decrease. In addition to emptying the dust cup, we recommend cleaning the entire dust cup every after use. Use water or some cleaning agent and dry the dust cup well afterwards. This way, you’re sure you remove all the dirt.

Tip 2: Clean or Replace the Filter

Dust and dirt don’t just build up in the dust cup, but in the filter as well. Because the air flows through there, a full and clogged filter reduces the suction power. Check the manual of your vacuum to find out how to clean the filter. The filter needs to be replaced at least once a year.

How Often Should You Change Your Vacuum Filters - Maggy Maid

How Do You Clean The filter of Your Vacuum?

Check Which Filter You Have
Your vacuum has multiple filters. Bagged vacuums have an exhaust and motor filter, and bagless vacuums might have an extra exhaust filter in the dust cup, for example. They are different filters, but you clean them the same way. We distinguish between washable and non-washable filters. Check the manual of your vacuum to be sure if you can wash your filter.

Filter Replacement
For washable filters – replace it 1 or 2 times per year
For non-washable filters – replace it every after 2 uses or as directed on the manual

Replacing the filter at least once a year – Do you maintain your filters well? In that case, you don’t have to replace them often. Regularly knock the dust off. How often you have to replace your filter also depends on how often you vacuum. Keep the following in mind as a rule of thumb:

Exhaust filters: replace 2 times per year.
Motor filter: replace 1 time per year.

Tip 3: Rotating Brush

The suction brush of the vacuum that rotates. Unfortunately, hairs sometimes get stuck in it. As a result, it won’t rotate as easily anymore and the vacuum dirt collection from the floor will be less as well. In most cases, you can remove the brush from the suction hose. Take it out and carefully and remove or cut out the hairs.

Clean Your Vacuum Roller Brush - Maggy Maid

How Do You Clean a Vacuum Brush?

A dirty multi-surface brush, parquet brush, or turbo brush prevents your vacuum from working well. It takes up less dirt and the suction power reduces. At the same time, it raises the energy consumption. Check the vacuum brushes regularly for built-up dirt.

Multi-surface Vacuum Brush Cleaning
Multi-surface brushes take up dirt through the airflow via the slit. Make sure nothing blocks the slit underneath. If you find dirt, remove it by hand. With a multi-surface brush, you can slide out the bristles of the brush. Also do this when you clean it, so you can also remove stuck hairs and dust. You can simply pluck it from the bristles by hand.

Parquet Vacuum Brush Cleaning
You can clean a parquet brush in a similar way as the multi-surface brush. First, check the hole on underneath the suction brush. Does dust block the suction brush? Remove it by hand. You can simply pluck built-up dust from the bristles by hand.

Turbo Vacuum Brush Cleaning
Turbo brushes have a rolling brush. This also collects hair and dirt. Use scissors to cut it loose. This way, you can remove it very easily. Do this gently, so you don’t damage the brush or hurt yourself. You can often remove the brush from the vacuum attachment. This way, it’s even easier to remove the dirt.

Small Vacuum Brush Cleaning
You can use small vacuum brushes to dust off furniture. They often have bristles that collect a lot of dust. This dust builds up. Take the attachment from the vacuum tube and clean it. You can also pluck the dust from the brush by hand.

Soft Brush Roll Cleaning
The soft brush roll is a parquet brush for stick vacuums. It discolors when you use it for a while, because it rotates across the floor at a high speed. Luckily, you can wash this brush. You can simply rinse it under the faucet. Leave it out to dry for at least 24 hours before you put it back.

Replacing Vacuum Brush
The main brush often lasts as long as the vacuum itself. But it can still happen that you need to replace a brush due to wear or damage. Most vacuum brushes are universal. You can easily replace them. If you have a canister vacuum, check the diameter of the vacuum tube. You can find it in the manual. This way, you can be sure the new brush fits. Do you have a vacuum? You almost always need a specific brush.

Tip 4: Blockage in the Suction Stick
Toys, rubber bands, or other small objects can easily get into the vacuum. But these small pieces  can also get stuck in the tube and turn into a blockage as a result. That’s why you should check the hose for dirt and dust buildup sometimes.

Tip 5: Make Sure to Have Full Battery
When the battery of the vacuum is almost empty, this can affect the suction power of the vacuum. When you have to do some thorough cleaning, make sure you have a full battery. Fully charged battery won’t compromise the suction power.

If you think that you need more than the power of your vacuum to clean your home, it is time to call for help. You may contact the House Cleaning experts of Maggy Maid San Diego anytime you need them. 


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