Maximize the Power of Hand Vacuum

Maximize the Power of Hand Vacuum

Size does not matter in House Cleaning tools. Bigger may not mean better performance; sometimes, smaller is more efficient. This goes with vacuum cleaners as well. You will be amazed at the power of hand vacuuming in House Cleaning. It can clean huge carpets and other areas of your home.

The House Cleaning team from San Diego shared ways how to maximize your hand vacuum. Here are the techniques to use your cordless hand vacuum:


Stairs are one of the most challenging House Cleaning areas. A huge appliance can be useless to clean your staircases. Your cordless hand vacuum can efficiently and effectively clear the area, including the nooks and crannies of your steps.

Baseboards, Sliding Door Tracks, and Windowsills

These are places that are most often left behind during your House Cleaning schedule in San Diego. Now, you need to look into the buildup of dust in these areas. A brush device and crevice can assist you in getting the best outcomes in these regions. 

Window Treatments

Your curtains, blinds, and drapes need tidy up too. However, some don’t have the time to take them down and clean them properly. If you can’t find deep House Cleaning into your schedule but can’t stand having dust bunnies on your window treatments, your hand vacuum is the quick solution. Utilize your cordless hand vacuums brush attachment. You can dust off your curtains and spruce up your shades.

Light Fixtures and Lampshades

To quickly get rid of cobwebs and dust, use a rechargeable hand vacuum with a brush attachment. Take precautions if you’re using a step stool or ladder. For your House Cleaning safety, better look for a helper to guide and accompany you in cleaning.


Your linen surely needs regular laundry, as usual as your House Cleaning checklist. However, if the situation asks for it, as your kids jumped into your bed with their shoes on and you do not have enough time to wash your bedding, you may need to do a quick cleaning. When this happens, it’s adequate to grab your hand vacuum to clean mattress pads and sheets. Remind yourself to put it on the laundry on your next House Cleaning agenda. 

Behind and Under Appliances

A microfiber cloth and soap solutions are everyday items when you clean an appliance. But, there are areas underneath your refrigerators and toasters that are littered. Take away the dust, crumbs, and food residue by using your hand vacuum. Before running the device on these areas, make sure all surfaces are dry.

Cabinetry and Shelving

Before dusting, make sure that knickknacks, items, or books from cabinets or shelving are already removed. You can use your rechargeable hand vacuum with a brush attachment to keep the areas free from fuzzies.

If you think that you need more than the power of your cordless hand vacuum, it is time to call for help. You may contact the House Cleaning experts of San Diego anytime you need them. 


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