Means of Keeping Your Kitchen Germ-Free

maid service that keeps your kitchen germ free

Every day, or at least regularly, you probably need to wipe off your kitchen counters and wash your kitchen floor as part of your House Cleaning obligation. On the other hand, your kitchen cabinets may not receive the same household cleaning care. However, you have to clean them more often because they accumulate grime, grit, splatters, oil, and other cooking deposits. Contaminated kitchen cabinets can be a sight and pose several health risks, such as Salmonella bacteria. Salmonella bacteria can quickly contaminate cupboard handles and knobs. Grime and old food bits have no business accumulating within the containers we use to preserve our meals. Thus, according to the House Cleaning specialists of San Diego, you need to work on simple, regular House Cleaning maintenance to eliminate microbes causing diseases in your kitchen. 

Keeping Your Kitchen Germ-Free

As a general House Cleaning guideline, any part of your home with plenty of traffic and surfaces that you frequently touch is a germ bank.

House Cleaning San Diego found out that your kitchen sink has more bacteria than your toilet or garbage.

If you are using store-bought cleaning disinfectants, be sure not to breathe them in. Remember to wipe down places with water afterward, or allow cleaned objects, such as counters, to dry completely before preparing food on them.

Homemade House Cleaning supplies such as white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide work efficiently on House Cleaning your kitchen for germ prevention. However, remind yourself not to fuse vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. If you plan to use hydrogen peroxide, make sure you test it on a concealed surface first to ensure it will not stain or fade the object.

Daily Speed-Cleaning for Germs 

  • You have to make sure to sanitize and disinfect your kitchen countertops, refrigerator handles, sink faucets and handles, and chopping boards. For unique countertops, you have to consult the manufacturer’s House Cleaning instructions to avoid unwanted damage due to your household cleaning means.
  • Toss away dishcloths in the washer with hot water to clean. House Cleaning San Diego strictly recommends you replace towels and dishwashing cloths daily. Sponges and microfiber towels are kitchen aids that can provide a warm, dank setting with a large surface area. However, they are challenging to clean and sanitize. You may switch to a plastic-type scrub brush, a suitable House Cleaning alternative, as it may be more bacteria-resistant. If you continue to use sponges and towels, make sure to wash them in boiling water once a week.
  • Clean up food spills on your kitchen floor immediately to avoid attracting more grime and bacteria.
  • Take the rubbish out, especially your dirty diapers, and make sure to clear kitchen wastebaskets. Using a sanitizing spray, spray the containers.
  • House Cleaning your chopping boards is a highly efficient House Cleaning technique if you have a dishwasher. Dishwashers can wash at extremely high temperatures, which kill microorganisms. If you do not have a dishwasher, you may give your chopping boards a thorough House Cleaning with hot water and dishwashing liquid.

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