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party cleanup

Whether you are just celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or would just want to reconnect with your friends or loved ones – having parties at home has become more popular than going out. You can spend time with your loved ones much longer and it saves your pocket from spending too much money.

This is all fun and games until you start cleaning the post-party mess. Yikes!

Before having a party at home, make sure you are well-equipped and ready for the party cleanup that comes after! Here at House Cleaning San Diego, we know how troublesome house cleaning can be for some hosts who are living alone and have no other people to help them. (Lucky you if you have your friends backing you up to help you fix and clean the mess up.)

 That is why, for this article in House Cleaning San Diego, here are some House Cleaning must-haves for getting your home back in shape in no time! 


Of course, before you do the House Cleaning be sure to equip yourself from at least keeping your hands free from dirt, especially if it is a booze party. Oh, the best of luck, my friend, expect the unexpected – if you know what I’m saying. 

 Multi-purpose spray

This House Cleaning tool helps your post party cleanup and decontaminating surfaces of your homes immensely. Choose those mild-scented ones to keep them smelling great, but not overwhelming!

 Denture tablets

These tablets are so cheap and are always available in the nearby markets. This is very helpful in making House Cleaning easier and a lot faster!

  •  Gets rid of stinky plastic wares

Sure, there are visitors bringing food along with them! Denture tablets act as a deodorizer and a quick cleaner for plastic wares thus, House Cleaning experts recommend using these tablets as your friend in House Cleaning. 

  • Toilet cleaner

Your toilets during the party are frequently used. Put those denture tablets into the toilet then let it sit for 20-25 minutes. Its sizzle effect can bring magic as it cleanses and deodorizes your toilet! So, while making them do the work, you may now start cleaning up the other rooms. 

Disinfectant spray

Your visitors would be coming from different places and traveling far so it is necessary to make your house clean and at the same time, disinfected. House Cleaning would not be complete without disinfecting your home. There are disinfectant sprays available in the market with so many great scents to choose from.

 Microfiber cloths

Yes, buy lots of them! Microfiber cloths are proven and tested by our House Cleaning team that they lock dust and absorb liquid faster. However, do not use only one microfiber cloth for all surfaces as it may cause in transferring dirt and bacteria. 

 Dishwashing detergents

If you can avoid using plastic wares such as utensils, cups, and such, that is a huge plus! As much as possible, House Cleaning San Diego wants to make House Cleaning faster but also helpful in protecting the planet.

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