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Having pets is fulfilling – there are many benefits in owning a pet. Emotionally, they act like a best friend who can comfort you in times of sorrows, they can make each day brighter by just being their cute selves. However, a local house cleaning company pointed out that if left unattended, they can damage your biggest investment – your home.

Having a fur baby is not all glamour and fun. Even professional House Cleaning services admit that it is a challenge to clean after a pet mess. Most of the time they leave unwanted waste in all corners of the house. Poop and pee are not just the waste we worry about, but also the hair and dander that they leave on our carpet, bed, and other furniture.

Here are some must have pet cleaning tips to maintain a clean home from a renowned House Cleaning San Diego company:

Automatic Vacuum – having pets, even “non-shedding” ones, you MUST own a vacuum. Aside from hair, they have dirt, leaves and other debris they bring into your house on their paws and fur. House Cleaning services are challenged to clean homes that are not well-maintained because when this dirt is left unattended for weeks in could leave stubborn stains. Automatic vacuums are a life saver!!

Pee Pads – fur parents can train their puppies to pee on this pad as pee stains are hard to clean, even for a professional House cleaning Service – the smell tends to stick. This will help lessen the damage in your furniture and house fixtures.

Lint Roller – House Cleaning companies remind their clients to use lint rollers as soon as they see hair and dander in their sofa, carpet and bed. Don’t let this get too out if control!

Stain Remover – for accidents that do not happen in pee pads, you must a stain remover ready. If left unattended, dealing with stains is a heartache! House Cleaning tip #1 – ALWAYS get to the stains as quickly as possible!

Seat cover – cover furniture that becomes nap spots. You could keep some spare sheets or old bed sheets that you can swap out as you finish cleaning the house. House Cleaning tips will tell you that this will protect your furniture from pet dander more than you think.

Wet Wipes – our pets, especially our dogs, love running outside, oftentimes they will be playing in puddles and mud. Cleaning their paws with wet tissue before letting them in the house will save you from more work, says a reliable House Cleaning pro.

Baking Soda – this is proven to be an odor eliminator. Every House Cleaning tip list generally mentions this life saving tool.  We cannot bathe our pets everyday because they will lose body oils which will dry up their skin leaving irritation and probably dander. But let’s face it; they often develop some smell after a few days. Putting drops of your favorite essential oil into baking soda and cornstarch will be an effective lotion to keep your dog odorless for days.

Get a reliable House Cleaning San Diego pro team to make your house squeaky clean, and to handle the pet maintenance for you!

Here are some pet stores in the San Diego area.

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