Pre-vacation Planning Before Going on a Vacation by House Cleaning San Diego

maid service helps you before going to vacation

In the past year, we were not able to fully practice our being wanderlusts because of the pandemic we had to face. All social gatherings and travels were canceled due to the CORONAVIRUS most commonly known as COVID-19. Now that vaccines are being given to everyone who wants it, we can start planning a trip or two to replenish our soul’s vitality. It’s funny how we are now experts of House Cleaning since we had no choice but to stay at home.

Being stuck at home or in your city or town was a bit suffocating and you just want to break out from captivity and enjoy a very carefree and restless vacation. But we cannot just pack our bags and go! We need to make a Pre-vacation plan for our home to make sure everything will be the way it is when we get back.

Here is a list House Cleaning San Diego has prepared for you:

1. Hold the newspaper and mail.

If you are going on a vacation for more than one week, you better be sure to call the post office and the newspaper boy to hold sending them to you or if you are on good terms with your neighbor, you can ask them to take those in. House Cleaning will be harder if this is hoarded on your front door.

2. Inform your home security company.

You need to notify them that you are going on a vacation. They’d also need to know when you’re coming back. This will help them if they need to answer an alarm.

3. Hydrate your plant.

You might want to buy some self-watering bottles as suggested by the House Cleaning San Diego team. This will ensure that your plants will still be alive when you get back.

4. Tidy your kitchen.

You don’t want to get home to a pest infestation. Make sure that there will be no rotten food when you get back nor any unwashed plates that could attract pests and molds. A House Cleaning technique is to always rid your house of anything that can breed harmful bacteria.

5. Unload your trash.

Same concept as cleaning the kitchen. You wouldn’t want rats or flies to invade your home while you’re on a vacation. House Cleaning will be a nightmare to get rid of those unwanted visitors.

6. Lock up and cover all windows.

You wouldn’t want to display your inhabited house to welcome thieves. You may also adjust your shades to partially cover your windows giving it a homier look. House Cleaning San Diego reminds you that it’s better safe than sorry.

7. Shut down the waterline.

Worst case scenario is going home in a flooded house. House Cleaning will be a lot easier without a puddle in any part of the house.

Make sure to follow these tips to enjoy your vacation and continue to be happy till you get home. House Cleaning is easy if you know how to maintain it.

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