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In the past years, we were not able to fully practice our wanderlusts, and have fun on vacation because of the pandemic we had to face. All social gatherings and travels were canceled due to the CORONAVIRUS, most commonly known as COVID-19. Fast forward to 2024 and now that vaccines are being given to everyone who wants it, we can now go back to our normal routine and start our vacation planning. A trip or two with family and friends is the best way to replenish our soul. It’s funny how we are now considering ourselves experts in House Cleaning during the pandemic days since we had no choice but to stay at home and now that were already back to normal (work, school and leisure) we are also back to hiring the services of our favorite Maid Referral and House Cleaning team.

For this topic, we would like to provide you with some of our  proven tips when it comes to vacation planning and a having a clean house that you can always come home to. 

Please check our Vacation Planning and House Cleaning Tips Below:

1. Hold The Newspaper and Mail it

If you are going on a vacation for more than a week, you better be sure to call the post office and the newspaper boy to hold sending them to you or if you are on good terms with your neighbor, you can ask them to take those in. You wouldn’t want those newspapers piling in your front door when you come home from your vacation.

2. Inform Your Home Security Company

Most of us have a home security company that we would want to look after the security of our home. You should inform them about any alternative contacts they can reach out to in case of emergencies. Additionally, it’s crucial to provide details about any specific instructions or procedures they should follow in your absence. Clear communication regarding the duration of your vacation and any important deadlines or tasks that might require their attention is essential for a smooth transition in your absence.

3. Do Not Forget to Hydrate Your Plants

If you havc indoor plants, consider placing these self-watering bottles for a hassle-free watering solution. Our team at Maggy Maid House Cleaning San Diego highly recommends this convenient method, especially if you’re planning an extended absence. With these bottles, your plants will receive the right amount of water, promoting their well-being even in your absence.

4. Tidy Up Your Kitchen

Tidy Kitchen - Maggy Maid San Diego

  • Clean Out The Fridge

    Check the expiration dates on food and get rid of anything that won’t last the duration of your trip. Then, top it off with a shine: “Wipe the fridge down before leaving, so it’s clean and ready for you to come back and fill up

  • Ensure To Run The Garbage Disposal

    Make sure nothing is lingering in the drain that might attract pests

  • Empty The Trash

    You don’t want a smelly trash, it can easily to attract pests like roaches. It also helps to wash out your trash can ever so often, including the week of your trip.

  • Dump The Coffee Grounds

    Wet coffee grounds are the perfect breeding place for mold and can even attract cockroaches. Over time, it could also begin to leave an unpleasant smell throughout your kitchen. You’ll need a cup of coffee when you start with your vacation planning, but you need to clean your coffer maker after.

  • Wash The Dishes and Check The Sink

    Be sure to freshen up your sink garbage disposal, too. Distilled white vinegar works well, followed by a flush with water.

  • Wipe Everything Down, Including The Floor

    Give every surface a good wipe down, and that includes mopping the floor. “A great DIY all-purpose cleaning solution can be made by mixing 1/3 cup bleach, 1 gallon of water, and 1 teaspoon of Arm & Hammer Odor Blasters Detergent.

  • Double Check All Your Appliances

    The biggest mistake that people make is forgetting to check that appliances are off. Make a round through the kitchen outlets, including everything from the blender and toaster oven to the Instant Pot and coffee maker, and then double around again for peace of mind.

  • Leave Your Dishwasher Slightly Open

    Make sure to leave [the dishwasher] cracked open slightly to allow any standing water to evaporate.

5. Lock Up And Cover All Your Windows

You wouldn’t want to display your inhabited house to welcome thieves. You may also adjust your shades to partially cover your windows giving it a homier look. House Cleaning San Diego reminds you that it’s better safe than sorry.

Lock Up All Your Home Windows - Vacation Tips

6. Shut Down The Waterline

In the unfortunate event of returning home to a flooded house, the repercussions can extend beyond immediate inconvenience to potential long-term damage. The aftermath of such a situation not only demands swift action to salvage belongings but also poses a significant challenge to house cleaning efforts. Without the presence of standing water, the overall cleaning process becomes more manageable, allowing for a more effective restoration of the living space.

Ensure to focus on your vacation planning for a delightful experience. Adhere to these tips, so you are worry-free when you return home. Alway emphasize relaxation by engaging in new experiences. Additionally, bear in mind that sustaining a clean house significantly enhances your overall well-being, facilitating a smoother transition back to a comfortable and organized space upon concluding your travels.









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