Repairing Damaged Wood Furniture

house cleaning services for damaged wood furniture

Learning how to repair wood furniture can save you money and bring out the inherent beauty of precious items that give your house a unique feel. If you want to keep your vintage or antique furniture at its best, it’s worth the effort to do a few minor repairs, says the Maid Service San Diego.

Consider the piece’s age and quality before repairing it, though. A professional furniture restorer should only handle valued antiques, not unless you are confident in your housekeeping abilities.

Minor Blemishes and Scuffs

A fork dropped on stained wood, for example, leaves noticeable markings, particularly if the coating has been scraped off. Nuts are the answer to hiding these scuffs. That’s right — it’s a house cleaning secret. The natural oil in fresh walnuts darkens the wood and hides scratches. After slicing the nut in half:

  1. Begin by rubbing a portion of the flesh over the scratch.
  2. Buff the surface with a soft cloth. 
  3. Repeat as necessary.

White Rings

Is your hardwood table stained with white rings? The San Diego Maid Service got a simple solution for you. The Magic of Petroleum Jelly! Allow the ring to soak overnight in petroleum jelly. The jelly’s oil should seep into the wood, reducing the prominence of the ring. Next time you bring guests around for a drink, don’t forget the coasters! Minor damage, less house cleaning.

Dirt and Grime

Product choice is essential – so get this right before you start house cleaning. There are many wood care solutions for sale, and finding the proper one might be confusing. The trick is to buy an excellent grade wax. Make sure you select a wax color closest to the genuine wood. Test the product on an inconspicuous area for color, compatibility, and ultimate effect before commencing.

Worn Finish

Some pieces of furniture have a wax protective coating, depending on the finish. It is a must in home cleaning to re-wax the surface of these items as they age to maintain their protection. Always use fine steel wool to prepare the surface and a gentle cloth to remove any remaining residue. Using a Scotch Brite pad, apply a light layer of wax and spread it, carefully following the grain, using gentle pressure. Allow the wax to harden for no more than 20 minutes.

Wear and Tear

Even with the greatest of care, wooden furniture may be ruined. Though polishes or touch-up sticks may assist, a robust house cleaning solution may be essential if the damage is too severe and you aren’t ready to give up your beloved property. Reviving old furniture with a coat of paint may extend its usefulness for many more years. The painting also saves you time since you don’t have to sand, something you can’t do if you want to re-stain your home.

You’ll need to know how to repair wood furniture from time to time. These procedures provided by San Diego Maid will help you restore a wood finish to its original state without inflicting any harm.


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