San Diego House Cleaning – Removing Handprints off the Wall

house cleaning services removes handprints

Aside from dirt, dust, grime, and stains, fingerprints are also the factors that make your walls look displeasing and unsightly. It might sound surprising but House Cleaning on your walls is actually easier than what other people think. 

With the help of San Diego House Cleaning experts, make your walls look as new again by following these House Cleaning tips and tricks.

House Cleaning – Vinegar

It is actually known to most people that vinegar has a lot of uses when it comes to House Cleaning. But one reason that it is a great cleaning product is that it has a good grease-cutting ability.

  1. Get a bucket then, mix 1/2 gallon of warm water and 1/2 cup of white vinegar.
  2. Get a microfiber cloth and dampen it with the solution. Then, start wiping the walls with oily fingerprints.
  3. This time, get warm water without vinegar and use it to rinse the area. Dry it after using a clean microfiber cloth.
  4. Check the area for any left traces and if there are any smudges, do the process again.

House Cleaning – Dish Soap

As what San Diego House Cleaning experts have researched, dish soap is one of the gentlest and easiest ways when used to clean the walls. But also make sure that you are using a soap that is made to cut grease.

  1. First House Cleaning step is to get a bucket then put warm water in it and add a few drops of dish soap.
  2. Get a microfiber cloth and lightly dampen it using the solution. Wipe the cloth into the wall until the stain is no longer visible.
  3. Let the wall air dry to see and check if there is no stain residue left. Upon checking and if you can still see some traces of handprints and fingerprints, don’t hesitate to repeat the process.

House Cleaning – Chalk

You might not believe that chalk is actually an effective House Cleaning agent. Well, San Diego House Cleaning researched about it and found the fact that chalk is actually porous which means that it has some great absorbent qualities.

  1. If you have a fresh stick of chalk, wear down the tip first because if you use the sharp edge of the chalk, you might leave scratches or marks on your walls. 
  2. Once the chalk has worn down, you can now rub it over to your walls with fingerprints. Then, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. After letting it sit, get a dry and clean microfiber cloth and wipe away the residue gently. You can see the adhering of some chalk to the oily fingerprints on the wall.
  4. Dampen the microfiber cloth lightly and use this to remove and wipe the remaining chalk and smudges.
  5. Let the wall dry and repeat the process if you still see the remaining fingerprints on the wall.

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