Stuff to do Before Relocating to a New Home

locking the door after a move out cleaning service

Relocating to a new home is a life change that few people feel is exciting. Some of them feel a bit stressed about it. And with the help of a House Cleaning advisor in San Diego, it will never be completely stress-free. But a little forethought may go a long way toward making it much more manageable and exciting.

Continue reading to learn about all the chores you should accomplish before relocating. Plus, some helpful tips from House Cleaning experts in San Diego.

Set up your internet connection

The House Cleaning team recommends that you notify your network provider at least 3-4 weeks before you move home. Doing this will save you the aggravation and trouble of moving into a new home without the internet. As we all know, it isn’t easy to fit our schedules around theirs.

Check your Electric Billing

Some houses have a previous tenant’s name on their electric bill. If that is the case, disconnect the last energy and reconnect using your name.

Beautify Your Home

➤ Examine Your Flooring

If you’re moving into a new place, you may need to replace the old carpet or floor tiles. Not unless you buy a shining, newly built home.

Carpet replacement is a big undertaking, and if you have the funds, you can replace it before moving in. But if not, you will have trouble moving all your furniture to make room for a new carpet. In addition, cleaning a rug is another stressful thing to do. So, you can choose to replace the old tiles with new ones. You can hire floor installers for that. Lastly, House Cleaning pros can help you make your dirty tiles or carpet into a fresh new one. New look with less hassle!

➤ Paint Indoor Home While Empty

Painting an empty home is much easier, whether you do it yourself or employ someone to do it. There will be no need for House Cleaning to rearrange furniture, remove drapes, remove every picture or mirror from the walls. Allow plenty of time to repaint before moving in, especially if you’re doing the task yourself. It is a time-consuming task than you anticipate. 

➤ Replacing Locks and Keys

Changing lock and keys should be the first thing you should do before moving in. Unless you get new locks or re-key the current waves, you’ll never know how many keys are circulating for your new home. Who knows who has a duplicate of it? So give yourself peace of mind by replacing them.

Hire House Cleaning Pros

Even if the new property appears spotless, the previous owners probably left some dirt behind. Therefore, it should be a high priority to do a House Cleaning before moving in. Unfortunately, there’s no assurance they do House Cleaning all the appliances as thoroughly as you’d like. 

Hire a House Cleaning specialist from San Diego who specializes in moving in and out House Cleaning. Let the House Cleaning squad help you all the way to make your relocation less tiring and fun and start a fresh new life.

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