Superb House Cleaning Tips for Short Commercial Breaks

Superb House Cleaning Tips for Short Commercial Breaks

Well, if we told you that you could clean a good portion of your house between commercial breaks? That is correct. An average person watches roughly five hours of television per day, according to House Cleaning specialists in San Diego. Consider further into mind that around 14 minutes of ads each hour of TV, but you’re looking at 70 minutes that could have been spent cleaning we provided some House Cleaning tips to make your job easier and better.

The House Cleaning experts in San Diego don’t like wasting time. That’s why, to assist people in giving the most out of any commercial break, we’ve compiled the following job list ideas from House Cleaning veterans in San Diego.

Toilets must be cleaned.

Here is a simple cleaning technique that works: 

  • During the commercial break, squirt the cleaner in the toilet and resume watching your true-crime documentary, per the House Cleaning specialists. 
  • Wash throughout the next cycle of commercials indicated by House Cleaning specialists.

Make Your Breakfast Meals a Success

Breakfast, while it is perhaps the main meal of the day, produces the fewest dishes, per the House Cleaning specialists. Do you want to watch any Saturday morning television? House Cleaning specialists recommend that you wash those yogurt bowls and coffee mugs during the commercials, so you don’t have to deal with them later in the day.

Start making Your Bed

Rearranging your bed, according to House Cleaning tips made by our  specialists, takes very little time. If your favorite medical drama is interrupted by a commercial break, go to your bedroom and draw some hospital corners on your bedding.

Lunches Should Be Packed

Trying to catch an early morning talk show could be time-consuming, according to House Cleaning specialists, So, use the commercial breaks to pack lunches, take the crusts off the kids’ PB&Js, then hand out apple slices and get tomorrow off to a good start.

Should do some laundry

Laundry could be the simplest of all household chores. Separate your clothing, put them inside the machine, and fill the dryer during commercial breaks to make the most of your time. Plus, point: You may arrange fresh clothes while watching TV and set them aside while watching the next set of commercials.

Clean Out the Litterbox

This is simple to avoid this unpleasant process. You are, and besides, physically cleaning feces. To be truthful, the work isn’t too time-consuming, and the BFF (best feline friend) would enjoy it if you included that on the duty checklist.

Disinfect Pet Containers

Cliff and Gloves are also fans of washing dishes. Give some care to your feline pals’ food and water bowls when obnoxious advertising interrupts your extensive cat nature programs. Hand-wash those, dry them, and even give them to your pets as a short treat.

Remove the Garbage

What is worse than a never-ending medication commercial? It’s time to empty the garbage can. Put on your sneakers and take that stinky trash outside during the next commercial break.


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