Surefire Means to Clean Your White Laminate Countertops

Cleaning White Laminate Countertops by house cleaning los angeles

The most typical type of counter you will come upon is laminate since they are affordable but long-lasting. Layers of paper and plastic glued together to create a countertop surface make up your white laminate countertops. However, white laminate countertops have come a long way and are available in various colors and designs. In addition, laminate countertops are manageable to maintain. 

How to Eliminate Streaks from White Laminate Countertops 

The House Cleaning experts of San Diego advise that the House Cleaning solution to sustaining your white laminate counters’ cleanliness is by cleaning them down with non-abrasive materials to prevent them from wearing and tearing. 

Use mild dishwashing soap with warm water and a microfiber cloth for your daily House Cleaning. Using your microfiber cloth, wipe off your counters with a dishwashing soap and water mixture.

Wash your microfiber cloth in clean water while you wipe the counter. That way, instead of spreading murky suds about, you are House Cleaning. After that, you can either let the counter-air dry or use a fresh microfiber cloth to wipe away any lingering moisture, The House Cleaning San Diego team suggests. 

Cleaning Your Kitchen Countertop 

To commence, wash the countertop with a commercially prepared tile cleaner or make your House Cleaning solution by mixing 1 2/3 cup baking soda, twelve cups liquid soap, twelve cups water, and two tablespoons vinegar to eliminate the dirt buildups.

Grout stains easily. Using a commercially prepared grout cleaner or House Cleaning solution, spray the grout. You can also make and use a moderate bleach House Cleaning solution. When working with goods, it is an excellent House Cleaning idea to wear gloves since they have harsh household cleaning ingredients in them that may irritate your skin, the House Cleaning professionals of San Diego recommend. 

Allow the House Cleaning solution to soak for ten minutes for deep stains. Scour the grout with a toothbrush or any tiny scrub brush since this is where most dirt and mildew collect. Begin cleaning the grout lines at one corner of the counter and work your way across the surface. Scrub the tile with the brush only if necessary; otherwise, you may scratch the tiles. 

Allow for air drying before sealing with a professional grout sealer to assist your grout in withstanding any stains and dirt while also protecting it from coming out. 

The final House Cleaning step is to use hot water to rinse the counter and grout. A tile kitchen counter will be food-safe, and a bathroom counter will be germ-free. You may keep your ceramic tile counters attractive and germ-free if you apply proper House Cleaning on them.  

Repairing and Maintaining White Laminate Countertops 

To repair minor scratches or chips in white laminate countertops, you can use a special paste available. It will be manageable to match the color and repair the scratch or chip. It is critical to act promptly since ignoring chips or scratches in the top layer might worsen them.

There is usually no need for routine House Cleaning maintenance.


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