The Do’s and Don’ts of Tidy Open Shelving

The Do's and Don'ts of Tidy Open Shelving

In the kitchen, open shelving offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to display your dishware and your individuality. You may assume that the storage and organizing possibilities it provides are as limitless as the shelves themselves—but one wrong move here may transform your optimistic design vision into an unappealing, crowded disaster. Whether you currently have open shelving in your kitchen or are planning a cabinet makeover, follow these best House Cleaning practices given by the House Cleaning team in San Diego to make the most of your shelves.

1. Don’t forget to install a range hood –

If you have a kitchen with exposed shelves, you should certainly consider adding a range hood in House Cleaning, said the House Cleaning professionals in San Diego. A range hood, often known as an exhaust hood, does much more than protect your kitchen from becoming smoky as you cook. It also attracts microscopic bits of grease or oil that may splatter when you cook your food. Those tiny particles of debris from edible oil and meals can find their way to the things on your open shelves, believe it or not. 

2. Don’t set yourself up with impossible agreements –

All of your cookware will appear more accessible now that you’ve removed the obstacles provided by your cabinet doors during the House Cleaning. However, don’t allow this seeming convenience to entice you to store essentials like regularly used dishes, daily Corning ware, and your spice collections on higher shelves.

3. Don’t forget to dust regularly –

When you have open shelves in your house, you’ll need to increase your sleeping routine during the House Cleaning. After all, you’re presumably looking for a stylish minimalist look. Neglecting your cleaning chores may result in you displaying hairy bud vases and books or platters and plates. 

4. Do use variation –

In House Cleaning, you may have grouped identical cookware, glasses, and spices in your closed cabinets, but with open shelves, it’s critical not to overlook that essential spice of life: diversity. Create visual contrast on shelves by mixing and matching different sizes and shapes of dishware, as well as putting in the odd splash of color or décor, now that your storage contributes as much to the beauty of your kitchen as it does to its purpose.

5. Do protect heavy ceramics –

If you want to fill your open shelves with your complete ceramic dish collection, use wall anchors to provide the most robust base possible. Then, arrange your pieces in underside stacks, with the largest pottery on the lowest shelf and stacks of eight or fewer pieces when doing the House Cleaning.

The House Cleaning experts in San Diego stated that open kitchen shelving are a great way to open up your kitchen while adding extra convenient storage capacity, making it a popular choice in kitchen decor. Selecting open shelves over locked cupboards makes it more challenging to hide dishes and other goods out of reach in House Cleaning.


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