The Proper Means of Cleaning Granite Kitchen Countertops

housekeeping your granite kitchen

Granite countertops are a superb enhancement to your home if you fancy cooking in the kitchen. Granite is one of the most long-lasting countertop selections available since it is scratch-resistant and persists usual wear and tear. It is also heat resistant. Because granite is porous, it absorbs liquids. Follow the House Cleaning instructions recommended by the House Cleaning San Diego team on how to clean your granite kitchen countertop at home. 

Using a Soft House Cleaning Sponge, Squirt Dish Soap

According to the House Cleaning professionals of San Diego, a House Cleaning mixture of mild dishwashing soap diluted with water is your safest bet for frequent House Cleaning. You may also prepare a homemade granite House Cleaning solution with rubbing alcohol as a foundation. Fill your sponge halfway with tap water and spritz a few drops of dishwashing soap into the center. However, because you can readily scratch your granite, you should apply the House Cleaning solution using a soft sponge or perhaps a microfiber cloth rather than an abrasive scrubber.

Wring Out Excess Water

To avoid destroying the very porous stone, squeeze the sponge or cloth until the suds appear, then wring it off.

Wipe Off the Counters With a Dampened Microfiber Cloth

In small, circular strokes, rub across the entire countertop. If you have dried-on food splatter, you may need to use a bit more elbow grease, but unless you have a stain, stick to this non-abrasive method.

Eliminate Difficult-to-remove Stains

If scrubbing fails, the location may require the use of a razor blade. Scrape away any filth or build-up on the countertop with the razor blade. Do not worry about scratching the surface. Ensure that the blade’s entire edge is resting on the countertop. Rinse your sponge and wipe away the suds when you’re through. You may have to soak, ring out, and wipe up the remaining suds a couple of times. Avoid letting huge puddles or leftover suds from forming on your counters. 

Disinfect the Surface

Make a 50/50 House Cleaning combination of isopropyl alcohol and water in a spray bottle. Wait five minutes after spraying the water or alcohol combination all over the counter. After five minutes, wipe the wetness off the counters with a clean dish towel in a sweeping “S” motion from back to front. You have to clean and disinfect your counter once you have followed these House Cleaning instructions. 

Finish With a Gleam

Empty a little cooking oil on your microfiber cloth and rub it around the granite countertop to lighten it up. Gently buff it to provide your counter with a sparkling sheen and make it resistant to stains.

You will need to reseal your granite regularly since your countertop’s sealant will wear away over time, leaving the counter dull and vulnerable to stains. 

Knowing the proper means of cleaning your granite countertop will ensure that its sealant lasts for years and that the surface remains superb.

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