Things To Consider Before Washing Your Clothes By Hand

house cleaning includes hand washing

Garments with sewn-on trim, such as sequins, delicate lace or leather, and feathers or fur, should be hand-washed or damaged or loosened in the washing machine. San Diego House Cleaners suggest, do not machine wash goods that have been colored by hands, such as tie-dye and batik, or vibrant textiles that you do not want to be faded. 

Hand washing clothes is by far the gentlest method. You should treat your clothing with utmost caution during the washing procedure. Wash likes with likes, items of the same color, and fabric type. For most clothing, use this step-by-step approach from San Diego house cleaning specialists (but keep reading for more detailed how-tos for bras, undergarments, and sweaters):

  • First, read the care label to establish the fabric type: silk, wool, and everything. San Diego House Cleaners recommend to determine the ideal washing detergent from there. Most things should be able to be cleaned with any detergent. Delicate materials may require a gentler detergent, such as fine fabric detergent or light dish liquid.
  • If required, treat stains. Use your fingertips to gently push laundry stain remover or liquid detergent into the spot (no scrubbing!), said House Cleaning experts. While the clothing is soaking, gently squeeze the sudsy water through it several times.
  • Fill the sink halfway with water—lukewarm or warm, depending on the care labels on your items—and place the garments in it. (As an aside, cold water is great for cleaning wool, silk, and bright colors.) Finally, add the recommended amount of detergent. Swish the detergent in the water to ensure that it’s dissolving, then immerse your clothing in the water and gently push it down to soak it. Don’t be alarmed if the water turns color; this is simply the cloth dye releasing color and will not result in color loss after washing.
  • Thoroughly rinse. If your faucet has a sprayer, rinse any lightweight clothing such as lingerie or swimwear in a colander. Fill the sink with cool, clean water, submerge the clothes, and squeeze the water to rinse. Repeat as necessary.
  • Remove any water collected because wringing wet, delicate textiles may cause damage, carefully lift the clothing with both hands and squeeze out as much water as possible. Then, put it flat on an absorbent towel and wrap it up until the water is gone, house cleaning experts added.
  • Depending on the fabric, dry items suitably. It’s now time to hang the hand-washed clothes to dry. Lavish lingerie and sturdy woven textiles, such as cotton dresses, should be hung up to dry and shaken to remove creases from hangers, clotheslines, or racks. 

Hand washing your clothes is a good idea! It is beneficial to the environment, as previously stated. For sensitive objects, this is the ideal option. It also allows you to work on stains to ensure they will eliminate. Always follow these steps from San Diego House Cleaning Services.

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