Tips To Make Your Home Smells Fresh

Essential Oils

What a joy it is to enter your own home and be greeted with a pleasant aroma. Have you ever wondered how to make your home smell good? Even if you don’t put in much effort, you’ll be able to handle the matter quickly and effectively. Maid San Diego gives a few different ways to make your house smell nice today.

Create a Pleasant Smell in Your Home


  1. Open the window

On a hot day, it’s good to leave your windows open to allow fresh air into your home. It makes it possible for fresh air to enter your home, which is good. On warm days when flowers bloom, your house will have a delicious floral perfume.

  1. House Cleaning

Because of the pleasant fragrance of home cleaning products, cleaning may improve the aroma of your home.

If you have a pet, vacuum up pet hair; it impacts how your house smells. The stink of decaying pet fur is overpowering. You may also purchase scented beads for your vacuum bag.

  1. Plants

You may be aware that plants assist clean the air in your house, but did you know that many of them also have a lovely scent? Gardenias are the most recommended, although geraniums, jasmine, begonias, and orchids are also popular.

  1. Use a Diffuser for Essential Oils

Do the chemicals in room sprays make you feel uneasy? Use essential oils if possible.

You may buy a diffuser to disperse the aroma around the space. Make sure the oils are safe for your dogs by conducting research.

  1. Disguise Dryer Sheets Throughout Your Home

To keep your house smelling fresh, hide dryer sheets under your mattress in garment drawers and coat pockets. What’s more, did you know that dryer sheets can help repel bugs? Yes, it is a big yes!

  1. On the stovetop, simmer a concoction.

Use orange peel, cinnamon sticks, and cloves and boil them on the burner. This combination is potent enough to smell several of your home’s rooms. Believe this will be very effective.

  1. Place room fresheners in the vents.

There are air fresheners that go into your home’s vents. Some fit into the filter tray of your HVAC system.

When you replace the filter, all you have to do is swap them out. You’ll be able to detect it throughout your home.

  1. Something to Bake

Bake something if you truly want your house to smell wonderful. Cookies, cinnamon buns, and even fresh bread can fill your home with great aromas. Most importantly, you’ll be able to enjoy or provide a tasty treat.

It is not difficult, according to Maid San Diego. Whether you choose a store-bought product or something natural, you may have a home that smells attractive and peaceful. 

Maggy Maid the top San Diego cleaning services, is an expert at providing excellent housekeeping and eliminating germs to create a fresh home for everyone. Give us a call or request a quote today.


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