Unbelievable Way in Cleaning Your Water Cooler


The House Cleaning specialists of San Diego recommend cleaning and sanitizing your water cooler every year or after six months. Before you begin cleaning your cooler, please read all of the instructions. Make sure you take all of the appropriate safety precautions while using a Hot and Cold Cooler.  

Keep your water dispenser clean to ensure it lasts a long time and continues to produce healthy and delicious cold or hot water. Cleaning the water dispenser every time you change the bottled water is the easiest way to do it. The House Cleaning experts of San Diego have looked up a manageable and efficient House Cleaning procedure to sanitize your water cooler and ensure that it dispenses clean and potable water.   

Follow the Cleaning Directions  

  • You have to read the House Cleaning recommendations in the manual before you spring into cleaning your cooler. 
  • Detach the bottle from the cooler and unplug the machine.  
  • To start cleaning your water cooler, remove the power line from the socket and disconnect it from all power sources. Remove the bottle and let any remaining water drain out of the operating mechanisms for about five minutes.  
  • Lift the empty bottle from the cooler and drain the reservoir into a bucket using the cold water faucet. 

Make a House Cleaning Mixture  

Decide what House Cleaning solution you want to use first. You can decide to use bleach or white vinegar to sanitize your water cooler since both House Cleaning supplies are safe and effective ways to eliminate germs and eliminate mold and mildew from your machine. The House Cleaning San Diego team warns you against using mild soap or other chemical cleaners because they may alter the flavor of your bottled water.  

DIY House Cleaning solution

  • Get the bucket and pour a gallon of water into it together with five cups of white vinegar, ensuring a potent yet natural cleaning mixture.
  • Clean the Bottle Collar and Dispenser Top
  • Using a microfiber cloth soaked in your chosen cleaning solution, you have to scrub the bottle collar, along with the top of the dispenser, ensuring every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Fill the Water Reservoir with the Cleaning Solution.
  • Pour two glasses of your DIY House Cleaning solution into the water reservoir. Allowing ample time for the solution to penetrate and disinfect the inside effectively. Leave it for ten minutes to disinfect the inside.

Disinfect the Drip Tray  

  • Clean the drip tray while the House Cleaning solution is working on disinfecting the reservoir, multitasking for efficient kitchen maintenance, and optimizing your cleaning routine.
  • If the tray is detachable, remove it from the sink and scrape any debris off the grill and tray with dishwashing detergent, ensuring a thorough clean and preventing lingering odors or residues.
  • Then, thoroughly rinse it before patting it dry with your microfiber cloth, ensuring it’s ready for immediate use again, promoting a seamless cooking experience without interruptions.

Drain and Flush the Reservoir 

  • Drain the House Cleaning solution via the spigots into a bucket after ten minutes. Dispose of it properly by flushing the House Cleaning solution down the toilet or spilling it down the sink.  
  • To flush away any traces of the solution, refill the reservoir with new water and dump it again, ensuring thorough rinsing for a pristine finish. Repeat the process at least twice more to guarantee a complete removal of any residual cleaning solution.

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