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As long time House Cleaning San Diego experts, we support reducing the food waste movement to protect and help save the environment. Sadly, food waste has become a global epidemic – people tend to buy lots of foods that they do not consume at all; for some reasons, people want to be on the trend, they are trying out foods in some restaurants but when they don’t like it, they throw it away; and oftentimes we are throwing big parties at home but at the same time, we also throw a huge amount of foods into the bin.

For whatever reasons we may have, these House Cleaning techniques in reducing food wastes from our experts in House Cleaning in San Diego might help you fix the problem:

House Cleaning technique 1: Plan your foods for the week/month.

Plan the menu for the week or the whole month so when you go out to the market to buy your groceries, you are not buying foods that you don’t need. Instead, focus on what have on your to-buy list. This way, you are not just helping the environment to reduce food wastes, but it also helps you save money in your pocket too – now that is a win-win situation!

House Cleaning technique 2: Buy only what you need no more no less.

When you go to grocery stores or the nearby markets, do not buy foods that you know will get stuck for good in your cabinet. Always check your cabinets or storages for best before dates or expiry dates of your canned goods to avoid throwing them into the bins. Make sure to consume them before it expires! If you can’t consume it on before the date, you can give it to the needy.

House Cleaning technique 3: Store fruits and vegetables correctly.

Choose and buy only those fresh that are fresh. Then upon storing, be careful not to mix them up with the ripened ones. You can also make use of fermentation, freezing, drying, and many other ways to preserve foods.

House Cleaning technique 4: Reheat leftovers.

Have lots of leftovers from your party yesterday? You have got nothing to worry about what to eat for lunchtime tomorrow then! There is nothing wrong with reheating and eating leftovers. Be creative and release the chef in you – if you got steak, cook fried rice topped with chopped steaks! Yum!

House Cleaning technique 5: Eat what you can.

Your stomach has a limited capacity. Do not prepare or order foods you can no longer consume. Just add some more once you are finished and when your tummy still can.If not, you can prepare that scrumptious meal next time or order those mouth-watering foods the next time you visit the restaurant.

In House Cleaning, we should also consider how we take care of our real home –the planet Earth. Feel free to share these techniques with your friends and loved ones! Here in House Cleaning San Diego, we believe that we can do the impossible when we work together.

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