Your Guide to Cleaning Your Light Fixtures at Home

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House Cleaning light fixtures may not be at the top of your House Cleaning to-do list, but it’s one of those easy fixes that can truly brighten up your home. Dust, dead bugs, and other filth accumulate on your light fixtures, reducing light flow. The House Cleaning San Diego team has looked up the fool-proof methods of cleaning your light fixtures at home. 

Dusting Regularly 

House Cleaning professionals in San Diego recommends a weekly dusting of light fixtures. Dust ceiling fittings, chandelier parts, and even recessed lights with a long-handled dusting tool. If you work on your fixtures every week, you can do the deep cleaning phase of your light fixtures twice a year. 

Cleaning Basic Light Fixtures: A Step-by-Step Guide 

  1. Turn off all lights you intend to clean and wait at least thirty minutes for the bulbs to cool down fully. Sweep or wipe bulbs, covers, and fixtures using an electrostatic duster or microfiber cloth to eliminate surface dust.
  2. Take off the globe or light cover, secured in place by clips or thumbscrews, by firmly grasping the globe with one hand while unclamping or unscrewing with the other. Dispose of any loose debris in the garbage. 
  3. Soak globes or covers for ten minutes in soapy water. Unscrew light bulbs and carefully wipe with a House Cleaning solution and microfiber cloth while they soak. 
  4. Let it dry before reinstalling the fixtures. 
  5. When unscrewing light bulbs, be careful not to apply too much force. Wear a textured work glove with tightly screwed bulbs to give additional friction and protect your hand if it breaks. 
  6. Wipe fixtures, especially toggles and switches, with a damp microfiber cloth dipped in a House Cleaning solution. The House Cleaning specialists of San Diego discourage you from Spraying the solution directly on the fixtures. Remove any remaining grime from globes/covers using a cloth, then rinse with fresh water and dry with a microfiber wipe before replacing. 


In a spray bottle, you can make your cleaner. Mix a quarter cup vinegar with three to four cups of water. Alternatively, you can use a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of dish soap. Spray one part of the chandelier’s crystals and parts at a time. Use a microfiber cloth to dry them as soon as possible and to shine them. Reassemble the chandelier and have a look at how it looks. 

Hanging Lights 

  • Turn off the light and allow the bulbs to cool before wiping the globes with a microfiber cloth and a House Cleaning spray. 
  • Using a microfiber cloth, wipe bulbs, extension rods, and cables. 

Recessed Lights

  • Dust once a week with a long-handled duster that captures dust and cobwebs. Wipe the insides of canisters and bulbs with a microfiber cloth for a more thorough cleaning. 
  • Make sure to turn off the electricity and the bulb is cool before proceeding to your House Cleaning task. 

Is House Cleaning challenging? Keep yourself updated for more hacks from the House Cleaning peeps of San Diego.

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