Ways To Reduce Dust At Home

dust-free house cleaning in Santa Monica

It is an unfortunate fact that dust gets everywhere; from your furniture and wall fixtures to your ceilings and floors. As you consider the many house cleaning tasks you have to do in order to keep your house in good shape, you will find that dusting is likely to be the most frequent one. Due to this, there has to be a way of simplifying household dusting and making sure that the accumulation of dust is kept to a minimum so that they can accumulate less. If you follow these housekeeping tips from the best house cleaning in Santa Monica, you have a much greater chance of achieving that goal than you have ever had.

1. Make use of microfibre cloths as rugs

Microfibre cloths make the best dust cleaners because they are electrostatically charged. The dust is attracted to the fibers and clings to the cloth, so you won’t have to go over the same area over and over again, nor will you have to worry about transferring dust onto other surfaces because it is highly absorbent. That’s why it is one of the best ways to clean furniture, as well as curios, picture frames, lamps, and appliances that hang on walls.

2. Put on cleaning gloves when dusting

There is no doubt that cleaning gloves are the best tool available for dusting whenever you do your housekeeping. When it comes to dusting your shelves, using a cleaning glove as a cleaner can help make the job easier, especially if you have a lot of collectibles on your shelves. In the event that you do not have any specially-made microfibre dusting gloves during your deep cleaning sessions, you can use old oven mitts or fabric gloves instead. Santa Monica Maid Service says that it is important that you wet them first and squeeze out the excess water before you use them so you can be able to scoop up more dust. And, if you have been using them for quite some time, be sure to thoroughly rinse them out between uses so that you do not end up smearing dust around the house after they have been used for some time.

3. Checking the corners and frames of ceilings and doors

There is nothing wrong with using a long-handled broom when you are doing your deep cleaning, but it may not always be the most convenient or effective cleaner to remove dust from nooks and crannies in a house. If you’re having trouble getting a mop handle or long-handled broom into the right position, then try putting an old sock over the end of the handle and using a rubber band to hold the sock in place. The sock should be kept loose at the top so it can be pushed into the corner easily to pick up dust, so keep a bit of the material loose at the top. The technique works particularly well for dusting door frames and window frames and removing cobwebs from door frames as you do house cleaning.

4. Dust-free screens

The electron charge that is present in computer and television screens acts as a magnet to attract dust. House cleaning in Santa Monica says that with a regular dust rag, you will notice that dust will start to resettle almost immediately on the screens as soon as you wipe them with the rag. What is the best way to prevent dust from accumulating on your screens? Gently wipe the screen from side to side with a used dryer sheet. Using these fabric softener sheets will help your screens repel dust for a long time because they reduce static electricity.

5. Window blind cleaning

There is a lot of dust that accumulates between the slats of window blinds in your home, which requires you to spend time cleaning them. It is important to find a way to give each slat a quick wipe down that does not require you to redo it every time. It is extremely easy to dust the slats by taking an old sock, spraying on a little dusting spray (or simply dampening the sock with water), and simply sliding it across the slats from the top downwards. It may be helpful if you try to get into a rhythm by wiping from left to right on one slat, then quickly moving down to the next one, wiping from right to left from left to right. Using a sock as an improvised cleaner is a great cleaning shortcut because you won’t have to worry about the sock slipping out of your hand like a dust rag might if you try to move on to another slat while still using the sock.

If you follow these tips, dusting doesn’t have to take up all your time and energy during your chore schedule. As a matter of fact, hiring housekeeping professionals will save you time and effort, meaning that dusting won’t take up any of your time. Using a variety of cleaning tips and guides, Maggy Maid makes the whole process convenient, efficient, and effective. Maggy Maid is the leading house cleaning in Santa Monica that offers a variety of services at great prices! They are the best referral agency that refers house cleaners in Los Angeles and its neighborhoods.


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