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Let’s admit it, we invest too much money for housing. However, what’s totally disappointing is that we don’t reciprocate it with warmth and care that our homes truly deserve. While it is a given fact that we have to prioritize work and family, we should also consider giving ample attention to the cleanliness of our households. With Maggy Maid, we make sure a reliable, eco-friendly, squeaky clean and efficient maid service.

Hiring maid services these days will truly ease off some of your burdens at home. Not only that we have a team of highly-trained professionals, you are also ensured and guaranteed of nothing but the best results. Before deploying them to our valued clients, Maggy Maid house maids are meticulously scrutinized during screening and appropriately trained to guarantee safety and absolute cleanliness.

You deserve Maggy Maid. We have partnered to over 20,000 households for over 10 years of operation and we’d like you to be one of them. We have vested our reputation online with a very high 4.7 star rating on Yelp and 4.8 star rating on our Google My Business listings which we are truly proud of.

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Why Hire A Maid Service

Hiring a house maid service these days is a practical choice.

  • First, it is perfect for hard working individuals who can’t find time to insert cleaning in their busy schedules.
  • It’s perfect for those who want to focus on more important aspects of their lives – instead of worrying on what part of the house badly needs to be vacuumed.
  • It will make your house a better place (even working place) to live in because it’s now more relaxing and aesthetically pleasing.
  • You no longer need to keep track when was the last time you cleaned the windows because when you sign contractual house cleaning deals, house maids will regularly visit and clean your house without you reminding them. This then guarantees that your house is clean all the time.
  • Booking maid services has never made so easy. In a single phone call or clicking at the booking button, assigned personnel will immediately attend to every of your need. In a minute or so, you will be able to finish the transaction and just wait for the agreed time and date of cleaning.
  • With the years spent by Maggy Maid in the maid services, we can assure you that our home cleaning professionals are extremely reliable and trust-worthy. They have been trained to do extensive sort of cleaning that would exceed your expectations.

Allow Maggy Maid to treat your home the way it deserves to be by making it a clean, safe, and healthy environment where everyone can enjoy each other’s company and make the most of the time spent at home. With our eco-friendly equipment and cleaning solutions, we ensure not only the sustainability of your house, but as well as of the environment.


We know inviting someone into your home needs a high form of trust. All Maggy Maid domestic workers are carefully vetted by us so we choose the right person to care for your home. We take our referrals responsibly and seriously.

The Name Most Homeowners Trust - Maggy Maid

1. Maid Service Guarantees Safety

Yes, there’s a slight difference in the rating when you hire individuals who do household chores on their own and those who are working for a company. But think of it, would you like some stranger to just roam around your house, check every nook and cranny, and learn personal things about you (and your family)? See, when you hire someone, better yet choose those that are legal and reliable. Maid services, like Maggy Maid, covers compensation insurance just in case untoward incidents happen while our team of professionals are working for the betterment of your house. We make sure that nothing of any sort will occur in your homes except making it better than ever. When you opt for someone you’ve just met somewhere, there is a possibility that your security might be at stake.

2. Professional Team Rated  (4.7 Stars) on Yelp

Another important aspect that you have to look into is the efficiency of the maid services that you are hiring. If you look at it closely, individual cleaners charge you for every room that they have cleaned – even higher depending on the size of the room or house. There is no fix rate suited for a specific room and ratings may vary on the time expected for them to finish; unlike when you hire an established maid service agency. With Maggy Maid, we have highly-skilled workers who can finish all the required task for a reasonable price. In addition, we give discounted rates and even reduce the standard price to our customers who have been consistently asking our services. Through this, our clients will no longer need to pay for every hour that the house cleaner spent at home because it comes right along with the package they availed.

3. We Offer Lower Rates

To avoid unnecessary worries, allow Maggy Maid to make your work easier. Smart management is the key to a better life. Out-source the daily household chores and focus on more productive things – like spending quality time with the family, reading the book that you have been dying to finish, watch the latest movies, or extend working hours at home. Learn to prioritize the things that can be done and don’t hesitate to ask other people to do some errands in your behalf. But always make sure to trust only the reliable ones. Work with us at Maggy Maid and we are sure to send house maids that will arrive on time (or even before the designated time). In addition, aside from making your house immaculately clean and organized, they can also do extra services that you would like them to do – cleaning of appliances, scrubbing and sanitizing the bathroom, tidying windows, upholsteries, and carpets. We are to transform your homes with your well-trained house cleaners.

Professional Cleaners

We refer the best domestic workers in the business. All of the domestic workers we refer have had years of experience prior to us referring them out to your homes. If they are not quick and thorough, we do not refer them. Rest assured that all of the domestic workers we refer out to you are the same domestic workers that we want cleaning our own homes.

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