How To Maximize Your House Cleaning Services

maximizing house cleaning service

If you are considering using a service for house cleaning in South Pasadena to keep your space in shape and in order, then it is likely that you have realized that if you hire a housekeeper to do the housekeeping for you, you will be freed up to do other things you really enjoy. As a matter of fact, several of our clients have said that it saved their marriage, reduced stress and family arguments, and allowed them to spend more time together as a result. In order to make sure that you get the most out of your cleaning budget, there are a few things you should do before the company you’ve hired for housekeeping services arrive.


It is common for housekeeping companies to do a walkthrough before performing the first deep cleaning of the house. In this way, they can get a better idea of what’s important to you and how much time is required. This shows that it is necessary that you notify the cleaning company if you have any special requirements, such as requiring extra attention for the kitchen floor.

Generally, they have a standard list of tasks to perform, so work beyond that scope may cost you more, so be sure to communicate with them ahead of time to find out what is included in the standard cleaning tasks and what is not included.

Organize your space

Usually, cleaning companies do not handle things like washing dishes and doing laundry for their customers. So making sure that these spaces are clutter-free will help the housekeepers access these areas as they prioritize deep cleaning the sinks, bathrooms, and floors which allows you to fully maximize their service inclusions.

Give feedback

There is a possibility that after your first cleaning, you will discover that your needs are different from what was initially required. It is important to let them know which actions worked and which did not so that they can continue to improve the cleaning procedures for you.

South Pasadena maid service says that using simple feedback statements like “Please ignore the office” or “Please wipe the cupboards’ fronts” can help housekeepers understand what needs to be cleaned, and help them focus on what needs to be done.

Make sure pets are kept out of the way

It is important to let the housekeeping company know what types of pets you have at the time of the first walk-through. This will allow them to be more prepared for the cleaning task and be able to incorporate that into their daily activities as well. It may not be possible to include deep cleaning carpets or furniture due to pets as part of an ordinary clean. Having this communication open will allow us to be able to better meet your needs.

When cleaning time arrives, make sure that you put your pets out of the way. If possible, place them in a room where the cleaners won’t disturb them or have them in a crate or even at daycare so that they won’t disturb the housekeepers. There is a possibility that, even if you think your pets are friendly, the presence of new visitors can cause them to become stressed.

Ensure that supplies are clearly defined

It is important that you communicate where trash bags, a vacuum cleaner, and cleaning supplies are located if you are not at home when the house cleaning is done. There are some companies that provide products, while there are others that do not. Communicate clearly who provides what, how low the supplies are, and who is in charge of getting them.

Help out if you can

As a matter of courtesy, it is best to be accessible to the housekeepers. If you want to offer a snack or beverage or ask for an additional task, make sure you know what the company’s policies are about tipping.

Give compliments, positive reviews, and referrals to your employees for a job well done. It would also be beneficial if you could offer suggestions on how to make the experience better. In order to continue working with you and build a long-lasting relationship with you, they want to keep you as a client as well as hear your feedback.

Maggy Maid branded as the best house cleaning in South Pasadena, can help you reduce stress and free up more time for the relationships that matter most to you. As a cleaning referral agency with many years of experience, our customers rely on our skill and expertise to make their lives easier. It is an honor to be able to earn the trust and provide professional housekeeping services in Los Angeles who own a home or business. To find out more about our services or to receive a free quote, contact us today.


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