How To Clean A Dirty Mattress

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Due to the self-evident nature of most messes, it’s difficult to overlook a pile of dirty dishes during house cleaning in West Hollywood, maintaining a tidy home is typically a goal that is always top of mind. But when it comes to your bedding, “out of sight, out of mind” is frequently the case.

However, a mattress experiences significant wear and tear, so make time for deep cleaning it frequently. When stains do happen, deal with them quickly using the appropriate technique and materials to extend the life of your mattress—and get a good night’s sleep.

1. Make sure you vacuum your mattress on a regular basis in order to keep it clean

If you don’t have a maid, you can maintain a fresh, clean mattress by following these simple steps.

Frequently, a worn-out mattress only requires thorough vacuuming. All bed linens should first be removed and placed in the washing machine. When dealing with a recent stain, dab up any extra liquid with a clean, dry cloth. Make careful to wash the towels in hot water to deodorize and disinfect them if the stain is blood, pee, or another bodily fluid.

Next, vacuum your mattress with the upholstery attachment. Repeat the procedure by flipping the mattress. As you go, visually check each side for any noticeable stains.

Every six months, carefully vacuuming your mattress will help keep it clear of dead skin cells and reduce dust mites. This may be all you need to do if you vacuumed without noticing any stains. To avoid excessive wear, keep the mattress in its newly flipped configuration.

2. Quickly clean up any non-blood spills

Spray white vinegar onto the stain sparingly using a spray bottle. You don’t need to soak the mattress in water or use a lot of sprays to thoroughly cover the stain. Give it 10 to 15 minutes to sit.

The discoloration should then be covered completely, including the edges, with baking soda. Allow this mixture to sit on the mattress for a while to clean the material and get rid of any odors. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the baking soda after 12 hours.

3. Using hydrogen peroxide to remove bloodstains

Put on a set of deep cleaning gloves made of plastic or rubber if your mattress has a bloodstain. Use sturdy multi-ply paper towels or clean, dry towels to dab hydrogen peroxide on the discoloration. The hydrogen peroxide will start to bubble up and assist in removing the discoloration.

Don’t press or scrub into the stain since this will exacerbate it; instead, dab or blot the area to absorb the blood. This procedure will help break down the blood and sanitize the area while eliminating as much of the stain as possible, even though it might not completely eliminate the stain.

4. Ensure that the mattress is well ventilated

In order to get rid of any outdoor debris that may have landed on the surface, such as leaves or pine needles, you can bring it back inside, vacuum the surface once more, and you can begin using it again as soon as it has dried.

When you are unable to move your mattress outside, you may want to consider setting it up in front of a bright window with the blinds rolled up as much as you can to let in as much light as possible. In order to speed up the process, open the window a little bit in order to speed up the process.

Whenever you are repositioning the mattress on the bed frame or box spring, make sure to place the soiled side down in order to prevent any stains from gathering in one place on the mattress.

5. Changing your mattress every six to eight years is recommended

There is no particular rule to replacing your mattress every six to eight years, but most experts recommend doing so every six to eight years. In spite of the fact that you are deep cleaning your mattress on a regular basis, over time your mattress will begin to lose its firmness and support, particularly if you do not take care of it properly.

Hire a professional to help you

No matter how hard you try, a mattress stain might occasionally persist despite all your efforts. So if you are a person who finds no time fixing such but finds it irritating not having a clean and fresh space after a busy day then hiring a nearby company for house cleaning in West Hollywood to handle the issue would be the best solution to help you with the situation or if you’d just prefer to leave it to the professional maids.