How To Clean An Outdoor Rug To Remove Mildew, Dirt, and Stains

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How long has it been since you cleaned your outdoor rug as part of your regular house cleaning in West Los Angeles? Outdoor rugs are a low-maintenance, cost-efficient way to beautify any outdoor living space. But if neglected, outdoor rugs can accumulate grimy buildup over time.

Whenever hosting a backyard playdate, garden party, or barbecue, most people remember to do deep cleaning by wiping down tables and chairs. But chances are cleaners like the colorful rugs on the doorsteps get no love. It is easy for allergens, dirt, and bugs to accumulate on outdoor rugs, carpets, and mats, which can be tracked into the house easily. In most cases, though, your guests aren’t going to know that your outdoor rug is an important part of your landscape, as they are built to withstand the elements. It’s still a good idea to give your outdoor mats and carpets a deep clean when you notice any stains, footprints, or tree debris that won’t go away after they have been cleaned.

The best way to clean outdoor rugs

Whether it is your first time deep cleaning your outdoor rug or you are not sure when you last kept it clean, here are six simple steps to help you get started.
Make sure you have the broom, vacuum cleaner, hose, liquid dish soap, vinegar, baking soda, and a soft bristle brush ready before you begin your housekeeping routine.

Step 1: Get rid of the dirt

If you are going to shake your mat or rug, make sure you wear a dust mask and gloves. It is best to lift the rug from the floor and hold it over grass or an open space where the dust will be allowed to settle. It might be a good idea to shake it several times to get rid of dirt if the area or space permits. In the case that the rug fibers are tightly bound, or if the rug is simply too large to hold, you can drape the rug over a fence or railing outside if it is too large to hold. Using a brush or broom, you can sweep away any surface debris with your hands, or you can knock it off with your hand.

Step 2: Use a vacuum cleaner

There will still be a fine layer of dust on the rug even after shaking it vigorously. The best way to clean both sides of the mattress is to use a vacuum cleaner.
Although you may find it convenient to vacuum with a handheld or battery-operated vacuum, you’ll need the best suction to remove the stubborn stains or dirt that’s been trapped. When it comes to deep cleaning your rug, you may want to consider using a wet/dry vacuum, depending on the material of your rug. Use the turbo brushes and handheld rods of your vacuum to get rid of pet hair or stains when you bring the indoor vacuum outside.

Step 3: Wash the rug thoroughly

Check the care label on your rug for instructions on how to rinse it if it is made of washable materials. In most cases, rugs made of plastic materials can be cleaned with a hose. It is best to do this on an inclined surface, such as a driveway or a yard, in order to allow the water to drain quickly.

Step 4: Use a soap cream and gently scrub the rug

A gentle scrub can be very beneficial to your outdoor rug in much the same way that it can be beneficial to your indoor rug. It is important that you check the care instructions to make sure that soap will not damage the materials when you do your house cleaning in West Los Angeles. Whenever possible, please refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations, which can usually be found online if the manufacturer’s tag is missing.

The next step is to choose a preferred cleaner or cleaning solution. Most outdoor rugs can be cleaned with DIY cleaning solutions, such as diluted dish soap, white vinegar, or baking soda. Simple cleaners such as mixing liquid dish soap with warm water should take care of most dirt. A good way to get rid of mildew and mold from an outdoor rug is to use either baking soda or white vinegar; just make sure that you do not overdo it as it might diminish the rug’s original color if you do. However, you can also consider specialty or store-bought rug cleaners, such as pet-safe, eco-friendly, and green ones.

As necessary, gently scrub the entire surface or any spots that need to be cleaned with a soft-bristle brush after lathering.

Step 5: Gently rinse and dry

Remove all cleaning agents with water and let the outdoor rug dry flat or on a clothesline. In order to prevent rugs from losing their shape as they dry or from transferring color from the railing, try not to drape them over railings. When the top of the rug has dried, turn it over and let the backside of the rug dry as well. If the rug is made from a colorfast material, it might be possible to sun dry it. Prior to moving the rug into storage or placing it back on your patio, it is important to make sure that both sides of the rug are completely dry.

Step 6: Arrange the rug in a storage area or use it again

It is common for people to change their outdoor rugs with the seasons. In the event of snow or heavy rain, bring your rug indoors to prolong its life. Secure it in a roll by using stretch cords or ropes to prevent it from unraveling. In case the rug will be stored outside in a deck or shed, you may want to store it in plastic or under a tarp if it will be stored outside. When you are storing your outdoor rug in your home, place it in an area you will remember, so you’ll be able to easily locate it again next season if the rug is small enough to be stored there.

You should also take note that if you decide that you want to reinstall your freshly cleaned outdoor rug, make sure that you wash the surface where that rug was once placed. Ideally, this would require pressure washing the deck or hosing down the lawn before you lay down the freshly woven rug.

In conclusion, I think it is a wonderful idea that you write down in the calendar when it will be time to schedule your next house cleaning in West Los Angeles about three months following the end of the current season. This shows how every detail in our home, like rugs, plays an important role in keeping us healthy and free from allergies. In this way, we are reminded to include them in our daily housekeeping routines in order to maintain a clean home.


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