How To Clean Germ-Hiding Places In Your Bathroom

How To Clean Germ-Hiding Places In Your Bathroom

Nobody wants to think of sneaky germs hiding out in their bathroom because it is where you get ready for the day or take a peaceful bath at night. But regardless of how frequently (or effectively) you clean your bathroom during your house cleaning in Westwood, you’re probably overlooking a few of these crucial areas that may easily develop into an unsanitary breeding ground.

Following is a list of the eight most germ-infested spots in your bathroom.

1. Handles and Knobs
It shouldn’t be shocking that your bathroom’s cabinet doors, linen closet doors, and even drawer pull all conceal a dark and filthy secret: germs. In addition to being high-touch locations in your bathroom, these are areas that we frequently overlook when cleaning.

When deep cleaning the remainder of the room, make sure to wipe down these surfaces with a disinfectant to help reduce the number of germs. When it comes to disinfecting your home, you should carefully check the instructions on the cleaner’s label to make sure the product is being left on surfaces for the appropriate amount of time.

2. Light switch

Lightswitches experience a lot of use without receiving a lot of cleaning, similar to knobs and handles. They can wind up being touched more than once in a single visit, usually by both clean and dirty hands, in addition to being places that we regularly need to touch. As we exit the bathroom, we frequently make our freshly cleaned hands dirty again when we touch the light switch.

Remembering to spray these areas with a disinfectant spray cleaner and to clean them as part of your weekly routine is the simple solution for keeping them clean.

3. Bathmats

Many unpleasant items might enter your home on the soles of your feet, which is why some individuals choose to remove their shoes before entering.

Bathmats are the ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria that you definitely don’t want to think about because they are made to collect drips and splashes from your tub, sink, and toilet. Thankfully, maintaining mat cleanliness is as simple as washing and drying your bath mats once a week.

4. Hand Towels

Even though you’d assume a towel used to dry solely clean hands would be largely devoid of germs, that is regrettably untrue. They are also more likely to grow mold as a result of insufficient airflow.

To fight this germy environment, you or your housekeeper should constantly replace your hand towels with fresh ones—twice a week should do the trick.

5. Shower Curtains

Your shower curtain is similarly open to everything that happens in your bathroom as are hand towels. This implies that tiny particles from the shower, sink, and toilet may be absorbed into the fabric and then wait until you brush up against it.

Your shower curtain doesn’t go as close to you as hand towels do, so washing it (and the liner) once a month should be sufficient to make it cleaner and dramatically reduce the number of germs on it.

6. Toothbrush

We regret to inform you that your toothbrush is probably a significant source of undiscovered bacteria in your bathroom. The items floating around in your bathroom will eventually find their way to your toothbrush, even though this has more to do with what’s happening within your mouth than what’s happening in your bathroom.

Think about storing your toothbrush somewhere with good ventilation so that it can air out after each usage. Don’t put it away in the back of a shadowy linen closet, but also don’t leave it out on the counter (where it can come into contact with more unsavory items). Your toilet should be at least 4 feet away from the ideal location.

7. Bathroom Tank Handle

It’s hardly surprising that germs prefer to hide on the flush handle of your toilet. Instead, the issue is how frequently it is forgotten to clean. However, controlling this bacterial hotspot is simple because all you have to do is include it in your regular toilet deep cleaning routine.

8. Bathtub
More secrets than your singing voice in the shower are probably hidden in your bathtub. Your destination for deep cleaning is by no means clean. In addition to everything you wash off your body collecting in the bottom of your tub, the sometimes poorly ventilated area can support the growth of invisible germs and bacteria.

The remedy? Every time you clean your tub, be sure to scrub it thoroughly. You can also hasten the drying process by leaving your shower curtain open after you take a shower. If you think you can’t do it on a regular basis or simply don’t have time, you can hire a local company for house cleaning in Westwood.


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